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40 people arrested by Turkish police for money laundering on Twitch


Jan 8, 2022
40 people arrested by Turkish

Turkish government arrests 40 suspects in Twitch fraud investigation, including professional League of Legends gamers. A massive arrest was related to money laundering and the vulnerability of the Twitch Livestream platform.

According to an announcement from Daily Sabah, the Turkish police have arrested 40 people in a sting operation against a series of people who were accused of carrying out a scam on Twitch. On October 11, an attack on the platform revealed information about the portal and the content creators. Because of this, the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s office started an investigation into Twitch Turkey.

During the investigation, they have realized that some content creators were receiving very high donations.


It was at that moment that they realized that these people were using the platform to launder money. The defendants would have sent bits through stolen credit cards to certain streamers.

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Twitch Bit becomes an ideal intermediary for criminal money laundering.

Although the 40 names have not been made public, there are some prominent figures, such as former professional LoL player Theokoles. And former BBL Queens player Toprakçı (who left the team after charges related to this activity). Notable names include streamers “Apollocs,” “Figonatci,” “FoxVelox.” This arrest comes 2 months after the scandal of several streamers and members of game production companies. These people were accused of using stolen credit card funds by converting them into Twitch Bits.

The police captured many essential documents and records during the search of the houses and offices of the detainees and obtained a lot of vital evidence. Even on Twitter, there is a tape of cops breaking into the home of one of the suspects. Up to now, the cash that these suspects scammed has reached 1 million USD. An official of the Parliament has criticized the Twitch platform for all this without any action.

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Money laundering

According to Jake Lucky, this group of people created a series of bots for them to see ads and farm bits. They even sent these bits to other streamers to turn them into real currency. It, of course, is a fraud, one of the exceptions when it comes to refunding the money to its rightful owners.

As stated in the original report, the streamers who participated in this fraud were aware that donations were sent from stolen cards. This scam came to the attention of the Turkish Parliament following a wake-up call from Jahrein, a content creator.

According to Dexerto, this scandal caused Twitch to take action against more than 150 partners of the platform in Turkey. Although reports say that 50 people have been arrested, it appears that they are still searching for another four suspects. Not only that but among the detainees are several minors. Now we can only wait to have more information about this complicated case of money laundering.

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