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The best PPSH-41 class setup for COD:Vanguard


Dec 3, 2021
The best PPSH-41 class setup for COD:Vanguard

Today we will be presenting you the best loadout for what could be one of the absolute best weapon choices in all of Call of Duty’s history altogether. We’re talking about the PPSH-41, by far one of the fastest firing SMGs in the game and in this article, we will make sure to teach you how to make the most out of it in game.

Regardless of whether you just started playing COD or if you’ve been playing since the very first one came out, you should already know just how beloved this weapon is by the community. Ever since the first game came out everybody was having a blast using the PPSH-41 and the tradition has been kept strong by the developers as they continue bringing it back for every new game they release.

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When it comes to Vanguard, this is no different as the fast-firing SMG is just as amazing as we all remembered it to be. Regardless of whether you’re looking to use it in close quarters or if you’re willing to give mid-range a try with it, you should know that you won’t have a problem using it at any point during your match.

 We highly recommend that you use it on maps like Das Haus though as this is where the weapon really shines. Although it is just as beastly in the mid-range, we should emphasize just how overpowered it really is in close quarter combat most of all.

But alas, the actual loadout that we recommend that you use during your matches regardless of which map you choose to play on is the following:

  • For the Muzzle we highly recommend that you go for the Mercury Silencer
  • For the Barrel you can’t go wrong with the ZAC 300MM
  • As far as the Optic goes, the Slate Reflector is always a great choice for the PPSH-41
  • For the Stock the Kovalevskaya Skeletal will always be your best choice
  • The Underbarrel is a tough call but the Carver Foregrip always makes the cut for us
  • For the Magazine we always recommend going for the 8MM Nambu 71 Round Mags because of how overpowered it really is
  • The Ammo Type is tough for sure, but for us personally we always found the Lengthened option to be the best one we could ever go for
  • For the Rear Grip we always said and we will continue to say it to this day that the Stippled Grip is one of the best choices in all of COD:Vanguard
  • For the Proficience the Tight Grip will always fit you just fine
  • The Kit choice for now is definitely Quick
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Considering the fact that PPSH has one of the fastest fire rates in the game you can’t go wrong with these choices, and although this is mostly tailored for close quarters combat, remember that you can still put up a good fight against someone in the mid-range as well, especially considering the Lengthened Ammo Type and the 71 Round Mags which will make you a spraying machine.

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