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VALORANT cNed admits to being involved in money laundering on Twitch

VALORANT cNed admits to being involved in money laundering on Twitch

Mehmet “cNed” Yagiz Ipek is in trouble for being involved in a money-laundering scandal that rocked the Turkish Esports village.


Sharing in the latest stream, cNed revealed: “Honestly, I have not made any statement about this incident at all. I also never once texted the guy providing the bit, and we have never contacted directly. He talked to my brother then the bits had delivered to me. I admit that I did not report the incident to Twitch.”

“I took money from those bits. However, I repeat again I have not contacted him at all. Although not directly messaging. But, unfortunately, I have to say that I was basically involved in this incident,” added cNed.

cNed has faced the first storm in his career despite being only 19 years old

Money laundering on Twitch originates from petty criminal organizations. First, a character sends bits anonymously to streamers or pro players. Then, the bits will be converted into cryptocurrency and divided back to the criminal organization. Before cNed, there were two players who admitted to participating in money laundering, LEGOO, and Logicman.

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After admitting to being involved in the scandal, cNed is facing a lot of trouble. At the moment, cNed is considered one of the top Valorant stars in Turkey. He was with Acend to attend Masters 3 and is preparing to compete in Valorant Champions in December. Even cNed is facing the risk of receiving a penalty from Riot Games.

Sources from reporter Jake Lucky said that the money laundering case on Twitch was exposed when Twitch was attacked by a hacker in early October, thereby revealing the streamer’s salary and income. Since then, a few streamers are said to have made “absurd” amounts of money from the bits. Finally, many Valorant players have acknowledged the incident, including cNed.

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cNed has accidentally become a victim of money laundering

During the most recent stream, cNed revealed himself to be the person involved in the incident when he did not contact Twitch to report it. Before that, he was one of the Turkish Esports stars who received bits anonymously. If everything goes well, these bits will be converted into cryptocurrency and divided among criminal organizations.

The money-laundering scandal on Twitch has shaken the Turkish Esports village and involved more than 300 streamers and players. There have been two players who have to pay the price and have their contracts liquidated, which are LEGOO and Logicman of BBL Esports. However, cNed probably won’t have much trouble when Acend has stood up to defend his number one star.

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At this time, Acend is in the preparation stage for Valorant Champions taking place in December. Acend is one of four representatives of the EMEA region, alongside Gambit Esports, Fnatic, and Team Liquid. Acend’s current lineup includes members BONECOLD (captain), Starxo, Zeek, ​​Kiles, and cNed.

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