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Team Elephant no longer has a Dota 2 team


Nov 17, 2021
Team Elephant no longer has a Dota 2 team

In case you didn’t know by now, Team Elephant, arguably one of the top Esports teams in the world, is actually no longer able to take part in any upcoming tournament anymore in Dota 2 and that’s all because there is no more team to play the games for them!

Regardless of how much potential the team had or lacked in the past, Elephant stated in an official post that they’ve clearly not managed to live up to the extremely high expectations they had for themselves, so as a result to that, the whole team that used to represent them is now completely gone from the picture.

That’s right, the team is now officially disbanded as the players have been taken out for good, no longer representing Team Elephant from this day forth.

This all happened as a result of TI 9 as we knew that a lot of teams are going to change a lot in the near future thanks to it, especially from China since that’s where the majority of the team members from Team Elephant comes from.

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But alas, we hoped that Team Elephant could show everyone how wrong they were in their assessment of them but it doesn’t appear to be so as they’re now throwing in the towel after not being able to prove themselves as a worthy opponent to some of the top players on the field at the moment.

They definitely tried their best which we always appreciate seeing from teams regardless of whether they win or lose, but this DPC season has been especially painful for them as they really didn’t manage to pull themselves up from the disgraceful losses and instead fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

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Lu “Somnus M” Yao and his team actually did try to make it through at first, even securing a spot for T1 10, but this didn’t last long as soon after they were forced to face off against an even better team which completely and utterly destroyed them on the field altogether.

Now, Team Elephant has taken a whole different direction to change things up, essentially just getting rid of everyone in the team and giving them free reign to join any other team as long as they’re no longer affiliated with them anymore.

This means that everybody there is now a free agent, well everybody except for Xie “Super” Junhao, the player that was only really playing for Elephant because he was loaned from Royal Never Give Up.

Regardless, we can’t wait to see what happens next in the Dota 2 scene as things are really starting to change up lately. As much as we’d like to say that the top teams are still going to be unmatched in the finals, perhaps Team Elephant can spice things up enough to really make a difference and eventually reach the top tiers again.

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We can only hope that this was the best choice they could make and honestly if they do manage to pull themselves up from this stunt, they’ll most definitely make history in the DPC.

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