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Sentinels have a new coach ahead of Valorant Champions

Sentinels have a new coach

After the defeat at the Masters 3, the Sentinels appointed the coach to wait for a better result at the Valorant Champions.


On the homepage, Sentinels officially announced the signing of coach Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty. In North America, Rawkus is no longer a strange name when he once led FaZe Clan. However, in the 2021 season, FaZe Clan did not win any major titles. And did not qualify to participate in Masters 2 and Masters 3.

Therefore, Rawkus decided to part ways with FaZe Clan in search of a new destination, and the next destination was Sentinels. In the past 1 year, the Sentinels have been considered the top team of Valorant in North America. The Sentinels’ best achievement was winning Masters 2. However, at Masters 3, ShahZam and his teammates were eliminated from the quarterfinals by Team EnVy.

Coach Rawkus has expected to help the Sentinels play more diverse

Up to the time of the appointment of Rawkus, the Sentinels were almost the only team to play without a coach. Realizing the shortcomings after the Masters 3, the Sentinels signed with Rawkus in hopes of a better performance at the Valorant Champions. It is the event equivalent to the World Championship of League of Legends and will start from the beginning of December here.

Rawkus is considered a seasoned character in North American FPS games. In the past, Rawkus was an Overwatch player and won the Overwatch World Cup 2019 with the US team. After three years with the Houston Outlaws, Rawkus gave up his Overwatch career to work with the Valorant teams.

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Meanwhile, Sentinels will not have any changes in the main squad ahead of Valorant Champions. Current Sentinels members include Shahzeb “ShahZam” Khan, Hunter “Sick” Mims, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, Michael “dapr” Gulino, and Jared “zombs” Gitlin.

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