• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Riot finally updates Caitlyn and remove auto-reset combos

Riot finally updates Caitlyn

Although Caitlyn has a new appearance, the unique mechanism of this champion has also been removed.

Recently, Riot Games also introduced to its gaming community the latest edited images of general Caitlyn, along with huge events related to the upcoming Arcane movie on Netflix.

This remake of Caitlyn is considered by gamers as a “beauty overhaul” when the champion’s skill set remains unchanged from the previous version, just a scene, except for the animation. Caitlyn’s visuals and dialogue have been updated to suit the upcoming Arcane series only.

Although changing the appearance of Caitlyn is something to be expected, Riot Games was suddenly criticized by the community. The reason had later revealed that Riot Games had suddenly removed many of the brand mechanics related to Caitlyn’s Inner Marksmanship in this edit. It has made Caitlyn’s passive attacks much slower.

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It had discovered by a “one champ” Caitlyn Streamer in North America – xFSN_Saber, and he is very disappointed with this change of Riot.

Accordingly, canceling the extra movement every time you launch an Archery attack will create conditions for players to shorten the time between regular and passive strikes. The principle of canceling this move is that your opponent is all hit by (W) Yordle Trap and (E) 90 Net Shoot, then take advantage of the delay of both skills. Click and launch an attack usually and then quickly move to the target hit to start an extra passive attack.

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There is a surprise that this skill is very often used by gamers on a regular basis without them knowing. Also, for this reason, Caitlyn’s damage at the end of the game is extremely large because critical attacks have launched continuously if the player can control his surrounding space best. It is also an essential mechanism that any Caitlyn player must know.

Also, for this reason, the removal of Caitlyn’s superfluous movement cancellation mechanism will make her attacks much slower every time she wants to attack her opponent in combat. When a champion relies heavily on basic attacks like Caitlyn, this champion will become much weaker than usual. Perhaps no gamer would want general Caitlyn just because of a beauty restoration but lost his unique mechanism so unfairly.

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Currently, the removal of Caitlyn’s redundant movement cancellation mechanism has only appeared on the PBE server but has not been released on the official server of League of Legends. Hopefully, Riot Games can reconsider its decision because this edit will highly affect the power of this Piltover sheriff.

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