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Rekkles leaves G2 Esports, joins Karmine Corp

Rekkles leaves G2 Esports, joins Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp, the team that is competing in the EU Masters (2nd place in Europe), will be the next destination in the career of ADC Martin “Rekkles” Larsson.

The Swedish superstar has found a new destination despite having to play in a league lower than the LEC/LCS relative to a 2-year contract.

Martin “Rekkles” Larssen – one of the top ADCs in the LCS/LEC region has signed a 2-year contract with a team that is playing in the new LFL (French professional league of legends). It is also the first year of Rekkle’s career playing outside the LEC since he started playing professionally.


According to information gathered by us, since the beginning of the year-end transfer season, G2 Esports has bid farewell to a series of players in its League of Legends roster, including Rekkles. The Swedish ADC had a bit of a hard time finding a new stop when both the LCS and LEC seem to have forgotten about this guy. The CEO of G2 even clarified that his acquisition would cost $1.2 million and that it was “below the normal price,” which partly confirmed that his talent was no longer as good as it was. Long ago when the organization wanted to sell him for a low price than the name Rekkles offered.

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And so, Rekkles joined Karmine Corp – the team that dominated the French League of Legends (LFL) last year. It is also the champion in both the Spring and Summer tournaments of the EU Masters with destructive style. A few members of the team are even talented enough to match LEC players – a very encouraging sign. Players like Adam, xMatty, Targamas, and Cinkrof can all play in the LEC following their performances in the LFL.

As for Rekkles, the once legendary ADC of Europe will now have to compete in a non-LEC tournament for the first time since he began his career as a gamer. With 4 LEC championships, Worlds runner-up, and the former MVP of LEC – this will be one of the valuable contracts with Karmine Corp as they will have a large fan base with this presence and more scrims with LEC teams thanks to Rekkles’ relationship.

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G2 and Kekkles

The relationship between G2 and Rekkles broke down after the 2021 season empty-handed and could not win tickets to the 2021 World Finals. Rekkles has expected to be the representative of G2 to attend the draw for the 2021 World Championship on 22/02 last 9. However, as a result of intense negotiations with G2 at the last minute, Rekkles did not participate in the draw for the 2021 World Championship. Accordingly, G2 arranged jungler Jankos instead.

Rekkles used to be a legendary ADC of Fnatic in particular and European League of Legends in general. The Swedish player has spent eight years with Fnatic, playing overall 566 matches, winning 4 European championships, participating in MSI 2018, and participating in 5 World Finals.

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