• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

New Valorant agent Chamber revealed abilities & release date

New Valorant agent chamber

Are you ready? Are you truly ready? Can you 100% say that you are mentally prepared for this news? Well then, ready or not, the French Sentinel’s coming your way! Riot Games have finally released a statement in which they claimed that a new Valorant agent will be showing up soon enough and his name is French Sentinel.

This brand-new agent had his very own teaser trailer published on YouTube and you can see it right now if you want to, which we highly recommend because honestly, it’s pretty sick.

First of all, what you’ll notice right off the bat is the fact that this brand-new agent is nicknamed “The Chamber”, and that he is meant to be released around November 16th. This is all meant to be a part of the upcoming Act III which fans have been looking forward to for quite some time now.

In case you didn’t know by now, this is quite massive news in the Valorant scene since there are only sixteen other characters in the game, so this will definitely help make the roster stand out a bit more and change up the gameplay a bit.

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We already knew that a new agent was going to be coming soon enough, but getting an exact date and an actual teaser for him is definitely something that we didn’t think we’d get this year.

The only real problem that we have with the French Sentinel teaser is probably the fact that they haven’t talked about any of his abilities yet. Despite the fact that we know when he’s going to be released, everything else about him is shrouded in mystery.

But alas, we have the data miners that have tried their hardest to make sense of the teaser by analyzing it promptly and this is what they found out so far.

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According to them, the French Sentinel is going to change up the gameplay by quite a lot since he appears to be the very first character to actually have his very own exclusive weapon.

On top of that, these two abilities are also worth mentioning as we saw them used in the teaser:

  • Primary Ability – Trademark – This ability appears to function as a trap of some sort that scans for the enemies in the general vicinity. On top of that, it also slows down the enemy meaning that you’ll be able to get the upper hand on them thanks to it
  • Secondary Ability – Headhunter – Your weapon will switch to a heavy pistol that can be used in ADS mode. This is a very powerful weapon that has a lot of players excited to see what it will look like in game.
  • Tertiary Ability – Rendezvous – You will be able to put down two different anchors and if you are close enough to them you can actually teleport between them to evade your enemy and surprise them
  • Ultimate Ability – Tour de Force – You get access to a One-Shot-Kill Sniper Rifle that will also cause the dead body of the enemy to release a field of energy within which the enemies will be slowed down

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