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NAVI win CSGO PGL Major Stockholm 2021

NAVI win CSGO PGL Major Stockholm 2021v

Natus Vincere lifts the Major trophy for the first time in history with an unbelievable comeback. Navi’s desire throughout the years has finally paid off, and it also looks like this year is the year of CIS esports.


For the first time in Major history, a team won the championship without losing a single game.

On the morning of November 8, the final match of the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 tournament took place with the participation of two teams Natus Vincere (Russia) and G2 Esports (EU). After defeating the opponent with two perfect wins, Na’Vi was officially crowned the champion and added the only missing trophy in her achievement collection.

Natus Vincere won the PGL Stockholm Major without losing a single map, along with a comeback that couldn’t be better than in the final against G2 to take the championship. S1mple got their first Major Champion title, and NaVi also became the first team to win a CS: GO Major without losing a single game – an unprecedented achievement for the boys. 

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According to news, in the first game on Ancient map, G2 had a tense match with NaVi when they were no longer the fun team like in the past. Typically phase 2 .vs 4 of Nexa and AmaNEK. The game continued with extremely tense developments in both the first half and second half as both sides had extremely quality gunfights and were constantly in situations of individual brilliance. Navi gradually gained the advantage with better aim ability, thereby winning this map with the final score of 16-11.

With this victory, Na’Vi entered the history of the biggest CS: GO tournament on the planet when becoming the first team to win a Major without losing a single map.

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It is an extremely valuable and meaningful victory for the members of Na’Vi when this team has unfortunately missed the throne many times in the past.

According to statistics, before that, Na’Vi had participated in the biggest tournament of CSGO 15 times, reached the final three times but never once held the trophy in her hand. It is a great regret for fans of Natus Vincere in general and superstar S1mple in particular.

However, all those inhibitions were relieved in today’s final. The harder it is to win, the more meaningful it is. And for Na’Vi, this is probably the most memorable, precious, and wonderful championship that this team has been waiting for for a long time.

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With the Major championship in 2021, Natus Vincere pocketed 1 million USD in prize money. Besides, the superstar and main AWPer of the team, S1mple, also took home the MVP title of the tournament. It is a well-deserved achievement after his convincing performance in the final.

Na’Vi is one of the eSports teams with the largest and strongest fan base in the world CS:GO community. Therefore, when this team reached the final round, the number of views of the tournament increased to a record level, surpassing 2.57 million views at the same time (not including the Chinese region) and becoming the match with the highest views, best in the history of CS:GO.

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