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Natus Vincere is considering selling young CS:GO talent m0NESY

Natus Vincere is considering selling young CSGO talent m0NESY

It is possible that Na’Vi’s young star will have a new destination in the near future when the organization wants to “send” this guy to another team to improve his level.

“Natus Vincere is considering selling the team’s 16-year-old young talent Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov by the end of this year when many teams have been known about this,” according to Dexerto.

This young Russian AWPer has been part of the Academy Na’Vi team since the beginning of 2020 when he was just 14 years old. But the young man’s performance has garnered a lot of attention, with an average KDA of 1.36 in the Na’Vi Junior team. M0NESY joined his teammates in the WePlay Academy League and made it to the finals, then succumbed to MOUZ NXT and accepted the runner-up position.

Although this player has performed very well in the team shirt for the past two years, having a place in the official squad is still a huge question mark. Na’Vi has just won two major titles in CS: GO this year, the Grand Slam championship, and the prestigious Major trophy. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, the star of Na’vi’s official squad in a recent interview, said that “the organization should lend M0NESY to a certain team for a year so that this guy can gain more experience compete and improve your English level.”

Player loaning isn’t the first time it’s appeared in CS:GO. But it’s a whole other matter of that player and m0NESY. As it’s likely that this young player will be drawn in and Na’Vi in the game. The future will lose a great promising young player. In addition, there are also teams who are hesitant about this loan contract having a term of only one year because that period is not too long to take full advantage of the talents of the players, especially the player extremely potential like m0NESY.

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