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G2 has found a replacement for AD carry Rekkles


Nov 6, 2021
G2 has found a replacement for AD carry Rekkles for the upcoming season

With the farewell of nearly all of its League of Legends roster, the esports organization began to look for faces that may replace those who left.

G2, right before the season this year, brought in one of the brightest names in the professional player market – ADC Martin “Rekkles” Larsen. With a strong squad at that time, it is not too difficult for people to believe in an explosive season of G2. But their failures from the beginning of the year until now are an arrow pointing in the opposite direction when they even missed the ticket to this year’s Worlds.

And of course, in the early days of the transfer season, the esports organization said goodbye to several players on its League of Legends team, including Rekkles. And they only kept the jungler Marcin Jankowski with mid-laner Caps.


Now, G2 has found a player to replace Rekkles for the upcoming season – Victor “Flakked” Lirola, a dazzling young talent playing under the MAD Lions Madrid shirt. Possessing an impressive record in the tournament he attended, it promises to be a good investment for this organization when the talent of this young sniper is undeniable in his achievements.

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Currently, G2 and Flakked have not released any information on when this guy’s contract will expire in mid-November. And until then, we will still wait for more confirmations from both sides. While G2 may bring in better players, it seems like they’re looking to invest more in bright rookies as these players show high potential.

In particular, Flakked and Targamas were the ones who showed impressive results when participating in the trial. If joining G2 Esports, Flakked and Targamas will directly replace Rekkles and Mikyx’s positions. And will side with Jankos and Caps. Before being contacted by G2 Esports, Flakked was a player for MAD Lions Madrid (MAD Lions youth team).

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 Flakked is a highly regarded young AD carry in Europe.

In addition to G2 Esports, Team Vitality also plans to recruit Flakked. However, it seems that Team Vitality is the team that is slower to approach the Spaniard. With Targamas, the player born in 2000 is also a bright element of the European League of Legends. Last summer, he and Karmine Corp won the EU Masters championship.

Thus, G2 Esports will rebuild the squad with young elements instead of experienced players competing in the LEC. At this point, the top lane is the only position that has not been added by G2 Esports.

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However, with quality contracts and confirmed potential, G2 Esports promises to return strongly in the 2022 season.

LEC Spring 2022 will officially start from January 14 with the participation of 10 teams. The total prize pool of the tournament is 200,000 euros. In addition to familiar names like MAD Lions, Fnatic, Rogue, G2 Esports, Misfits Gaming, SK Gaming, Astralis, Team Vitality, and Excel Esports, the LEC will welcome Team BDS. It is a team that previously acquired Schalke’s slot 04 Esports.

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