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Fortnite X The Matrix collab in the works, leakers reveal


Nov 22, 2021
Fortnite X The Matrix collab in the works

According to a recent trustworthy leak, it appears as though Fortnite is finally considering adding the Matrix to their game essentially using their platform to advertise the newest movie that’s coming out soon.

As we all know by now Fortnite loves its collabs, many players would even say that the majority of Fortnite’s current hype isn’t about its gameplay but instead about which new collab it will go into for the sake of staying relevant.

While we won’t be going into that touchy subject for now, what we will say is that these collabs are just absolutely worth your time since they’re not just cosmetic they’re also just downright awesome to see on your screen.

So, now that we know that Fortnite is actively working towards adding the Matrix to the game we can only say that we’re more excited than ever before. Right after they concluded their official crossovers with Naruto Shippuden, Resident Evil and Dune, now they’re making their way towards their newest investment and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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The coolest part about these updates is that they’re all unique in their own sense, most other games would just throw in some cosmetics and let that be the end of it but Fortnite have truly taken one step above all of that by really adding in new features and emotes and everything else for the sake of making the fans happier than ever before with the game.

Although Epic have done a very good job at keeping the leakers away from their most precious updates let’s be honest here when it comes to theorizing and bringing in the info to make a coherent plotline there aren’t all that many people out there that can rival the likes of these pro leakers.

So we’re very certain that this leak is real especially considering the fact that the newest movie is coming and Epic Games are always interested in collaborating with them for the sake of bringing each other up.

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Although Epic Games have not yet confirmed or dispelled any of these rumors all that we can say for now is that their silence is pretty much just making it all the more obvious that the leaks were true and that they’re on their way to delivering on this update.

This info was brought to us by none other than HYPEX as he talked about it all on his Twitter. He stated that the newest update matches the release of the newest movie Matrix Resurrections on December 22nd, 2022 so it’s pretty obvious that if they do add in a new character that Matrix will be the first choice for them.

We should also mention how Epic Games have also showcased their love for Warner Bros. Pictures and HBO Max in the past since they’ve done multiple collabs so far and they’ve all been very successful.

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Regardless, hopefully we’ll see this in the game because seeing Neo dodge bullets in real time will make for some of the coolest shots in the game for sure.


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