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Fortnite leaks reveal planned league of legends crossover


Nov 4, 2021
fortnite leaks reveal planned league of legends crossover

Lo and behold, a new leak was spread all over the internet which may indicate the fact that Fortnite is going to have a planned crossover with none other than Riot Games’ League of Legends!


Fortnite is known for having one of the strictest teams ever, since very few of the news they have planned out for us ever get leaked before they’re meant to be released.

It is pretty much common knowledge that to this day, Fortnite is one of the biggest and most popular Battle Royale games of all time, and we would argue that it has become a staple of this generation as a whole as well.

Over the past couple of years, they continued to control the market and it’s all been thanks to their incredible crossovers. Who doesn’t remember characters like Deadpool hitting the scene or even Halo’s Master Chief? Those are pretty much staples of the Fortnite community right now.

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But as the community continues to spread, we’re pretty much left wondering how far will this multiverse even go. Apparently, the answer is even further than that as Epic is now planning, according to this leak, to release an actual League of Legends crossover!

This leak states that a character from League of Legends is beset to hit the scene sometimes in the future. This is most likely done as a response to the upcoming Netflix series known as Arcane.

League of Legends and Fortnite are pretty much the leaders in terms of online multiplayer games so it’s amazing to see the two collab as a means of bringing each other up as opposed to fighting it out for the number one spot.

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But who is this brand-new character that people are so excited to see join the roster? According to this leak it may very well be Jinx that paves the way for this incredible crossover.

ShiinaBR brought this up all over Twitter and in case you didn’t know by now, he’s one of the most reliable content creators in the world, one that has managed to theorize and call out updates like this every time they even hint at anything new hitting the scene.

So, he stated in that tweet that since the new series is meant to pop off on Netflix by November 6th, League of Legends will be looking to attract as much attention as possible to their products with this collab right here.

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The show is meant to star the actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purcell as Vi and Jinx. Since Jinx is a staple of the League of Legends community, ShiinaBR is sure of the fact that she will become the next playable character in the roster.

If you are from China and you don’t have access to Netflix however, don’t worry, because you can still check it out as it launches on the Tencent Video website as well.

While not fully announced as of yet, we’re pretty confident in this leak, to the point where ShiinaBR even stated that by this time next week they will definitely release a statement explaining just this fact alone.

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