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Fortnite Chapter 3: Everything We Know So Far

Fortnite Chapter 3: Everything We Know So Far

Lo and behold, some of the top YouTube creators and Fortnite leakers have finally banded together to give us a comprehensible list of everything they think will be coming up next as Chapter 3 of Fortnite ensues.

Chapter 2 was quite literally the most interesting and out of the ordinary chapter we’ve gotten so far, especially thanks to its incredibly intense “Blackout” event which got all the fans riled up.

Epic Games even ended up shutting the game down after the explosion incident from the Chapter 1 Island, which is why players have been really looking forward to see what Chapter 3 will have in store for us.

We also can’t forget about the incredible info we got from Chapter 2 during its runtime, including the new weapons, items, mechanics and the massive new map that players got to explore during this time period.

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But alas, it’s been over 600 days since that first came up, so now Fortnite players are really looking forward to seeing just how far down the rabbit hole they can get.

Epic Games even brought forth an entire new season with the Marvel superheroes to the island, and as Chapter 2 Season 8 is finally finishing up, we are treated to the mysterious cubes and their unknown origin.

The aforementioned theorizers stated that Season 8 will be coming to a close as of December 5th, although Epic did not really confirm or deny that info so far so it’s most likely true.

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We can already expect there to be a winter event as December rolls on by, although we still have no idea what theme they’ll be following and if there will be any limited time items or character skins available during then.

Ali “SypherPK” Hassan even uploaded a video a few days ago in which he talked all about what he thinks will be coming up next for Chapter 3. Here he spoke about the many easter eggs that came from Chapter 2 and more.

In his video he mentioned how Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard even commented on how Chapter 3 will be coming by soon enough, even sooner than most people realize, which is why he personally believes that this will come about as soon as Season 9 rolls on by.

The whole video follows this theory that Season 9 and X will be the introduction to Chapter 3, and according to him, as soon as the following month comes around, we will definitely get to see massive new updates hit the scene.

Fellow YouTubers Tabor Hill and Ali-A also supported this theory, stating that he definitely sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.

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All three of them actually banded together to state that if this comes to fruition then Chapter 3 might very well be one of the most intense chapters as of yet and that the updates ensuing from this part of the journey will most definitely change the gameplay even more now that this new part of the game is released to the general public. 

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