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FNCS finalist wrongfully banned in second straight season finals


Nov 3, 2021 ,
fncs finalist wrongfully banned

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the drama lately, let’s bring you up to speed. As the Fortnite Champion Series Season 2 – Season 8 is finally nearing its end for the European players, a certain event is worth mentioning in the debacle that really brought a lot of controversy to the table.

The tournament that happened earlier was actually supposed to be over already, but it wasn’t, and that’s all because one of the top players was banned for no real reason which resulted in the team being unable to play during the tournament anymore.

There were 100 players involved in this tournament, and because of this one ban everyone had to wait up for them to be unbanned which delayed the match up by quite a lot.

Epic Games made a statement about it, rectifying the ban and even adding an extra hour to the Finals, although this wasn’t enough to shut up the pro player that claimed that this was not only the first time that it happened, but that it also happened in the past during a tournament impeding his participation in the matches.

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Tripperrn is the pro player that had to deal with this, and as mentioned previously this isn’t the first time that this happened.

This was actually such a common occurrence for him that he didn’t even message them about the ban, he just posted about it on his Twitter exclaiming that “it happened again”.

While his fans definitely laughed it off at first, they quickly caught on the fact that this is not good news for him and his team because now he can no longer be a part of the tournament anymore.

The other players were also shocked at this and a lot of them even chose to not play the game anymore because of it. This forced Epic Games’ hand, so after a while they posted about it on Twitter, delaying the rest of the matches by an hour as they tried to unban him.

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They again couldn’t actually tell anyone why the player was banned, but they did try to rectify their mistake which is definitely worth mentioning to be honest.

Eventually though, the 33 finalists finally made it through their 12 games, and luckily, there were no other mistakes happening during that time period.

Many people assumed that the last ban that Tripperrn had to deal with was actually planned by him just to get some controversy going, but Tripperrn denied any of these allegations stating that even he doesn’t know why he was banned to begin with.

The problem that stems from this however isn’t even that the player was banned, it is that everyone had to wait up for him to be unbanned to continue.

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This resulted in Stompy, nebs and pinq literaly losing thousands of dollars and other players winning a lot more money than they had any right to in the first place. Hopefully Epic Games can fix this problem in the future so we don’t ever have to see it pop up again.


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