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FC Barcelona officially established a League of Legends team

FC Barcelona officially established a League of Legends team

FC Barcelona will officially compete in the Super League of  League of Legends this upcoming season. The club has made it official this Wednesday, November 10. 

Joining LVP SuperLiga, Barcelona will have an exciting confrontation with the team that is owned by midfielder Gerard Pique.

“Barcelona’s commitment to growing esports is part of the club’s digital push strategy. The aim is to become the leading brand in Esports in the years to come while building a system to connect with new audiences. On the other hand, we also want to bring the image of the club to more Chinese and American audiences.”

Sources from Dot Esports, Upcoming, and Dexerto revealed that Barcelona had bought S2V Esports’ slot and will participate in LVP SuperLiga from the 2022 season. Last season, SVP Esports ranked 7th in the summer with a record of 7-11 and did not qualify for the play-off round. However, the story next year may be different.

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The presence of Barcelona promises to help SuperLiga attract more spectators 

Reports from LEC reporter Wooloo said that Barcelona has also completed the first three signings of top laner “Dreedy,” Jungler “LeBron,” and mid laner “twohoyrz.” Before acquiring the competition slot from S2V Esports, Barcelona signed a cooperation contract with Tencent. That was the time when the team playing in La Liga wanted to own an LPL team.

However, due to limited financial resources, Barcelona turned to LVP SuperLiga and bought a lesser-known team, S2V Esports. The Next 2022 Season promises to be more interesting with the arrival of Barcelona. Barcelona will even have the opportunity to face a team owned by midfielder Gerard Pique and streamer Ibai Llanos.

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Previously, Gerard Pique and Ibai Llanos spent 355,316 dollars to purchase back Astralis SB’s place. All information about the team’s members, coaching staff, jerseys, and sponsors will announce on December 15. Up to this point, Gerard Pique and Ibai Llanos have not yet agreed on a new name for their League of Legends team. 

There is a rumor about some of the first signings of FC Barcelona in League of Legends that they would already have several positions covered and their coach. The Summoner’s Crack wins integers with a club as significant worldwide as Barça.

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Barcelona Bets on Esports

FC Barcelona has been betting on esports for yearsas one of the club’s sections. Until now, his time through them has been in one way or another with a ball in between, with Pro Evolution Soccer and Rocket League. His arrival in League of Legends represents a new dimension for the club in esports.

It was rumored that Barcelona would have a team in the Chinese League of Legends Pro League ( LPL ). But for now, it will stick to the national competition in the Super League. An exciting season awaits us.

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