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Faker will stay with T1 for the 2022 season


Nov 23, 2021 ,
Faker will stay with T1 for the 2022 season

As expected by fans, the “Faker” will continue to stick with T1 in the 2022 season. Mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has officially re-signed with Korean League of Legends team T1.

November 19, T1 made an official announcement about the contract extension with the legendary mid laner – Faker. T1 CEO Joe Marsh said: “Faker means a lot to the organization. He is the most prominent superstar of modern e-sports. Even now, he is shining and has international stature. Hopefully, in the future, we can bring Faker a 4th championship.”

In the past few days, information related to T1’s contract with Faker has not yet expired is continuously spreading to the concern of the gaming community. While, it was still not possible for CEO Joe Marsh to arrive in Korea in time to carry out contract negotiations, which made the fans of the Devil King and the team even more impatient.

Not to mention, there have been quite a few transfer rumors related to Faker appearing, most notably the story that TSM will spend an amount of up to 40 million USD for a contract three years to recruit Faker to his team. Of course, there are also a series of “top teams” from both the LPL and LCK, who are also eyeing Faker and are ready to use everything they have to bring in T1’s mid lane.

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But after a lot of those rumors, recently, the homepage of T1 Esports posted a notice confirming that they have renewed the contract with their Legendary captain. Not only that, but some netizens also think that T1’s contract for Faker can be considered a “record contract.” Although the genuine value of that contract is unknown, with the information provided, it seems that this is a contract of such excellent amount that Faker “cannot refuse.”

Faker can continue to stay with T1 will create a good premise for this team to have a brighter 2022 season. Not to mention the young players of T1 are currently reliable names if guided by a solid leader like Faker. The 2022 season is very likely to be a successful year for the team.

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For Faker, this contract is not only related to expertise or brand, but he also becomes a loyal player, devoting himself to a single color throughout his career.

We hope that in the 2022 season, Faker will achieve the best achievements in the last years of his career.

Faker and T1 until eternity

Multiple championships and successes are those that Faker and T1 have achieved throughout their history. The intention is to continue adding and fighting for a new Summoner’s Cup as the years pass and Faker’s career will not last forever. But even though the Demon King is no longer the most dominant player in Summoner’s Rift, his greatness is beyond doubt. And a great example of this is the semifinal of these past Worlds 2021 against DWG KIA.

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Let’s enjoy the Faker player while we still can, and it is that in the future, he will continue to be linked to the club either as a coach, content creator, or part of the T1 board.


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