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Facebook Gaming overtakes Youtube Gaming in terms of viewing time

Facebook Gaming overtakes Youtube Gaming

An enormous advancement of the game Livestream platform developed by Facebook itself. Many live streaming platforms have started to have initial successes when they have a stable and continuously growing number of users. According to the latest reports from Streamlab and Stream Hatchet, Facebook Gaming is the biggest competitor compared to other platforms when it has an enormous and steady increase in watch hours from July to September of this year now on.


Reasonable investment has helped Facebook Gaming take the lead over YouTube Gaming, while Twitch still dominates in terms of total hours watched in Q3 2021.

In recent months, streaming platforms have experienced steady growth thanks to extensive investment and promotion. That period of growth has helped Facebook Gaming surpass YouTube Gaming with 1.29 billion watch hours compared to 1.13 billion watch hours. An extremely decent number to consider when Youtube Gaming is the forerunner, but its development is a bit limited. On the other hand, Twitch is considered the most stable and most influential platform.

Figures from Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet show that Twitch holds 70.5% of the content watched in the streaming space for a total of 5.79 billion hours watches. Similarly, Twitch also leads with 222.9 million hours streamed. Meanwhile, the achievements of Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming are 17.1 million hours and 8.3 million hours, respectively.

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The numbers show Twitch dominance.

Even those statistics show when Twitch fell 8.3% compared to Q2. It shows that, even with the decline, Twitch still dominates the streaming space. However, compared to the third quarter of 2020, Twitch has grown by 22% in total watch hours, making it the fastest-growing streaming platform.

One of the reasons Twitch lost market share was the drop in personal channels. Specifically, in 2020, Twitch has 10.6 million channels, while in the third quarter of 2021, there are only 10.4 million channels. That number shows that many streamers have spent their time developing on other platforms.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) ranked second with 656.32 million hours watched, and League of Legends ranked 3rd with 442.57 million hours watched. Meanwhile, despite being released for less than two years, Valorant has also become popular with the Masters 3 tournament with 31.7 million hours of viewing time. It was the Esports event with the highest viewership in the third quarter. Ranking above ESL Pro League XIV (CSGO, 28 million hours) and LCK (LoL, 25.2 million hours).

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Twitch is proving its dominant position in the live-streaming platforms. But its long-standing throne is being eroded as Twitch begins to see its gradual decline over the quarters. Streamers on this platform started moving to other platforms to continue their work after attracting a certain number of viewers.

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