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Edward Gaming wins the Worlds 2021

Edward Gaming wins the Worlds 2021

Edward Gaming made history at this year’s World Championship by defeating the defending champion DK convincingly.

Result of Worlds 2021 – final match between DK and EDG

GameTeam 1ScoreTeam 2

Game 1: DK 0-1 EDG

With two extremely annoying Yasuo and Xinzhao cards, DK aims to completely nullify Jhin’s ultimate as well as damage from other EDG long-range champions.

However, the EDG upper wing consisting of Flandre, JieJie, and Scout played very well, consecutively making fatal raids, winning team fights, and delivering the first punch in the face of the defending champions.

Game 2: DK 1-1 EDG

Learning from the first game, DK stripped the opponent’s Jarvan IV, Graves, and Jhin chest cards and banned all ADCs to limit Viper’s power.

Meanwhile, EDG chose to cosplay DK in game 1 with Xinzhao, Rakan, Leblanc and aim for a powerful rushing lineup.

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But the number 1 seed of the LPL region didn’t have the opportunity to actively initiate a fight because Showmaker’s Malzahar and Canyon’s Qiyana played too well, continuously succeeding and pushing EDG into a position of lack of people.

As a matter of course, EDG lost the fight, lost money, and let DWG KIA equalize 1-1.

Game 3: DK 2-1 EDG

EDG continues to put resources on the top half of the map for Flandre with Jayce Card. Meanwhile, DK decided to sacrifice the spear Khan and put his trust in Aphelios. 

The representatives of the China region are the ones who have taken the lead a lot and have successfully implemented the Jayce fattening plan. However, Flandre’s thunder balls weren’t very effective, making DK’s team fights very comfortable. And when the superstars Showmaker and Canyon spoke up, EDG fell flat.

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Game 4: DK 2-2 EDG

Despite having the duo Jhin and Nami, DK also revealed Flandre’s chest card Graves. Along with hot pick Lucian in Viper’s hand.

Although the bot lane duo had a bad initial play, EDG still gained a lot of advantage thanks to crit hits in the upper half of the map. However, the turning point of the game was only really scary until they successfully stole the Baron and widened the gap in the amount of money.

When Flandre got Graves and was taken care of, he easily destroyed the DK squad and brought Edward Gaming a second victory.

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Game 5: DK 2-3 EDG

In the deciding game, EDG shifted the focus to bot lane with Viper’s Aphelios and let Flandre hit a team fight champion, Kennen.

EDG’s top laner has continued to not disappoint his teammates by constantly getting kills and becoming a monster in the top lane, creating a significant premise for Viper to freely kill.

At the end of the game, EDG completely excelled with the water dragon buff and the perfect team fight formation. With bravery, courage, and high determination, this year’s reigning World Championship has officially belonged to the Chinese.


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