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Cloud9 secures final NA spot at VCT Champions 2021

cloud9 secures final na spot at vct champions 2021

Cloud9 have done it, they actually made it through to the bitter-sweet end where they’ll be joining Team Envy and Sentinels for VCT Champions 2021.

As the tensions were running high due to COVID technical issues, the final roster for the VCT Champions event has finally been settled as the three teams mentioned above will be the ones heading onwards to the finals.

Cloud9 have really showed the world why they’re usually referred to as the best in the world by completely destroying RISE Nation in a glorious 3-0 in the Grand Finals of the Last Chance Qualifier.


Cloud9 have definitely had a rough year so far, especially with their complete debauchery from CS: GO and their less-than-ideal Valorant experiences. But alas, they actually managed to pick up some momentum now as they finally started to put in the work and reach the top.

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They are without a doubt one of the top teams in all of North America, and they’ve been at the top for a very long time now but because of their disappointing plays throughout the season, viewers have been less than thrilled to see them match up against RISE Nation.

 But alas, when push came to shove, they really showed the world why they are some of the best players in the world, especially during Map One where they absolutely destroyed their competition altogether.

Immediately as soon as they got veto priority, RISE went into Breeze, trying to capitalize on their past success. But they soon actually started to regret this as Cloud9 came in swinging, immediately getting their customary pistol round win right off the bat.

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Afterwards they continued to dominate the scene, getting four more rounds under their belt buckle and thus securing a nice 5-0 lead from the get-go.

RISE definitely wasn’t ready to capitalize however, making quite a comeback by bringing back five of the next seven rounds, almost taking the lead at one point.

As Cloud9 was forced into the defensive corner, however, it wasn’t long before they started to really show their true colors, closing out the game with an incredible 13-8 score eventually winning the first match altogether in this glorious best-of-five.

Leaf put in the work here, destroying Jett to a tee, getting as many as eight kills for his team. But if you thought that Cloud9 would stop or even slow down at this point you’re mistaken as they went even more dominant starting Map Two.

Xeta decided it was time that he moved onto the Breach and Leaf immediately switched over onto Skye, completely switching up their playstyle and eventually just completely destroying their opposition.

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Sure, RISE were the ones on the offence at first, they were quickly thwarted by Cloud9 as they ended with a 13-11 finish on Bind. Eventually however, the last match went on to Cloud9 as they came out on top.

This was really a match for the ages, one of the most intense in Valorant history as a whole. Despite the fact that it was a clear win for Cloud9 we have to give it to RISE, they played their hearts out and it clearly shows.

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