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Astralis makes official the arrival of k0nfig and blameF to the team CS:GO

Astralis makes official the arrival of k0nfig and blameF

To launch the team into a new dynamic, Astralis decided to recruit the two former members of Complexity k0nfig and blameF.


This Thursday on social networks, the Danish structure Astralis formalized the recruitment of the two former members of Complexity, k0nfig, and blameF. The two players of Danish origin will join the CS: GO roster immediately with a view to competing with their new teammates in the BLAST Premier Fall Final from November 24 to 28. Astralis has also signed an agreement with the former North coach, ave, who should land “as quickly as possible.”

The Astralis organization has earned its own right to be one of the most legendary clubs in historic CS: ​​GO. However, this year 2021 has been a headache for all of them. A season of ups and downs, the departure of device heading to NIP, player stops, and finally, the early elimination of the PGL Major in Stockholm. Therefore, the club has decided to make changes to revitalize the team.


Just a few minutes ago, Astralis made the entry of its new members into the quintet official. Both Benjamin Bremer “blameF” and Kristian Wienecke “k0nfig” will make their team debuts on BLAST in front of 12,000 people.

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These arrivals necessarily imply departures. The two players Dupreeh⁠ and Magisk⁠ will give way to the newcomers, as will zonic, who is leaving the coaching staff of the team. It remains to be seen whether these changes will be enough to bring Astralis back to the forefront of the European CS: GO scene.

Astralis starts the rebuilding process

If some enter, others have to leave. On this occasion, Peter Rasmussen “dupreeh” and Emil Reif” Magisk” were chosen. From the club, they have declared: « They are true legends in Astralis, and they will always be the first in the books when our history has written. Changing now is the right decision for Astralis and for all those who follow us. But when you have fought, laughed, and cried together as we have, of course, there are also great emotions at stake when you part.

In addition, there has also been a noticeable change in the position of Astralis coach. With the departure of one of the best coaches in history, such as Danny Sorensen “zonic,” Alexander Held “ave” arrives to take his place. Both blameF and k0nfig came from Complexity, a team that will also have to start a rebuild in the coming weeks to get to 2022 on a better footing. This change begins the movements that we will have in the best teams in the world after the CS: GO, PGL Major. Without further ado, the roster that Astralis arrives with for the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals, which will begin on November 24:

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Lukas Rossander « gla1ve «

Benjamin Bremer « blameF «

Felipe Ewald « Lucky «

Lucas Andersen « Bubzkji «

Andreas Hojsleth « Xyp9x «

Kristian Wienecke « k0nfig «

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