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Astralis adds Kobbe as starting ADC

Astralis adds Kobbe as starting ADC

Astralis have recently made an announcement, providing their fans with a proper list depicting their roster for the 2022 LEC season and let’s just say that the fans were shocked to see who’s joining them this season.

As the title implies, they now added none other than Kasper “Kobbe” Kopperup to the lineup as of 2022, making him the team’s official ADC during the 2022 LEC Season.

You might know Kobbe already based on his good performance with the North American team TSM, and before that when he spent four years playing for Splyce.

Despite the fact that he is not the most famous player in the world he has still been a part of several incredibly clutch plays to the point where he is most definitely a welcome addition to the roster as most fans have been more than willing to support him right off the bat.

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In an interview during which Kobbe talked about this news, he stated that now that it was made public that he’ll be joining Astralis, he couldn’t be happier about the choice as this was the team that he wanted to join for a very long time now.

As he was talking to Kasper Hvidt and the organization, he claimed that he immediately saw the potential in joining their team as there’s just no way that these players together could ever make for bad synergy.

He also claimed that this new team has a lot of potentials since they’re going to focus a lot more on training both their physical and mental game so as to be one step ahead of everyone else in the world.

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He even stated that he is going to be moving into Denmark for good now during these playoffs as he wants to have as many chances to become the best at the game as he can.

Kobbe is widely regarded as one of the main reasons as to why his former team, Misfits, actually finished 7th and 5th during the Spring and Summer Splits which is why we’re definitely so excited to see what he can bring with this new team.

Not only that but he also had a very solid 5.5 KDA and 9.3 CS per minute which made a lot of people say that he was effectively the carry behind Misfits’ placement in the seasons that they took part in.

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But alas, he didn’t exactly carry to be precise as he did have a very bad time in CS, Gold and XP which is laughably so considering the fact that those are some of the most important aspects of the game right there.

He even stated that in Denmark he is regarded as one of the top players and that through his experience he wishes that he can bring honor to his nation just like the CS:GO team has done in that Esports genre. We are absolutely stoked to see Kobbe join this roster and we can’t wait to see him on the field!


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