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Warzone Realism Battle Royale and Rebirth Resurgence Extreme Mode


Oct 4, 2021
Warzone Realism Battle Royale and Rebirth Resurgence Extreme Mode

Activision unveiled the playlist of the day on Call of Duty: Warzone, on the program: Battle Royale Realism with no HUD and Rebirth Extreme Resurgence.

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Even though Call of Duty: Warzone has a permanent Battle Royale mode, Activision likes to vary the pleasures by giving players alternate versions. That is why the publisher regularly varies the available game modes.

On 1 st October 2021 so it’s Modes Battle Royale Realism and extreme Resurgence who are honored on Warzone.

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Battle Royale Realism, Extreme Resurgence, and Solo Redeployment in Warzone

As every week, Activision updates the playlist of game modes available on Call of Duty: Warzone. On Friday 1 st October 2021, two popular game modes have made their comeback: Battle Royale Realism and Rebirth Resurgence extreme.

  • Battle Royale Realism: Players must play with a reduced HUD (interface) and, therefore, fewer visual aids on the screen.
  • Extreme Resurgence: Rebirth Island welcomes 64 players for even more action. By earning points, players can respawn their friends faster.
  • Solo Redeployment: In Verdansk, players can respawn if they have enough money on them.
  • Loot Trios: Teams of three players can participate in Trios Mode and be the first to secure the amount of money needed to win.
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As a reminder, a new map will arrive on Warzone with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard scheduled for November 5.

Rebirth Resurgence Extreme, the Realistic Battle Royale of Warzone, How to Play It?

A mode has just made its return in Warzone: Rebirth Resurgence Extreme, which returns with some modifications!

In Call of Duty: Warzone, the game’s Battle Royale, unique modes are sometimes available, with different rules from the base Battle Royale; or even a completely different map. It is the case with Rebirth Resurgence Extreme. It is a very famous warzone mode among players, and which has just returned to the game!

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The game mode proposes to play on the “Rebirth Island” map. It is a small Warzone map with a lot of players. If previously it was 99 players who competed, it will now be only 64 players who can play in the same game to avoid chaos.

As you can see, the Rebirth Resurgence Extreme mode is back on Warzone for all players! It is a game mode accessible from the Call of Duty interface, in which anyone can participate.

If you don’t know this mode, it is played on a smaller version of the Warzone map, called “Rebirth Island.” During its first release, 99 players competed on this map, but it was quickly chaos! The game editor has decided to reduce the number of players present in a single game to 64. The mode should now be more enjoyable to play!

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