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SOAZ wants to comeback to professional


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SOAZ wants to comeback to professional

One of the best top laner in the LCS and LEC is eager to return to the pro scene. After a year away from the pro scene, the Paul “sOAZ” Boyer top laner expressed his desire to return and play in an LCS or LEC team after working as a coach for a local League of Legends team. LFL.


The last time we saw SOAZ in the professional arena was in 2020 with the colors of the North American team Immortals. Only one year with the team and then left because the performance of this team was too disappointing and ended the season with the bottom position. After that, he became a coach for the LDLC team and helped this team significantly improve its performance in the professional arena. Now, this team allows him to talk to other teams that can bring him back to the pro scene again.

Given the track record: this guy has played in both the LEC and LCS, this will be a great experience for the team he will be joining next year. This guy has won the LEC 4 times in his career with Fnatic and went to Worlds 6 times. Now SOAZ with the desire to return to the professional scene with a further goal and join a team worthy of what he does, not a mediocre team.


sOAZ is looking for a team to compete again

In addition, on his personal Twitter, the 27-year-old top lane confirmed that he is aiming to return to the LEC and beyond Worlds. As a pro, sOAZ was known as one of the best Teleport top laner in the world. He has won the LEC championship four times with Fnatic and has made six appearances at Worlds.

Meanwhile, Bwipo is planning to part ways with Fnatic after conflicts with the leadership right at the time of Worlds 2021. However, the prospect of sOAZ “resuming old love” with Fnatic will hardly appear. Adam is playing quite stable in the top lane, while the priority of the Fnatic leadership is to bring in a new AD carry and jungler.

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This 2021, sOAZ started as LDLC coach in the Ligue Française League of Legends (LFL). It seems that sOAZ wants to compete again. And is looking for a team in the LFL, the LEC, or the LCS.

“After a year of coaching at LDLC, He has been allowed to speak with other teams for 2022. He wants to compete as a player again, and he is looking for offers in the LEC / LCS / LFL. What he wants is to go back to LEC / Worlds highlights the Frenchman on his official Twitter profile.”

At the moment, I do not know what will happen to its future and if you can enjoy the legendary top laner in the top European competition. There is still time until the transfer market opens and, of course, until the new competitive season begins. It means that you will have to wait to see one of the most beloved players in the history of competitive League of Legends again.

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