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Sierra Joins Fortnite Crew On November 1, All Cosmetics Revealed


Oct 30, 2021
Sierra Joins Fortnite Crew

In a recent announcement, Epic Games stated that Sierra will be the third and final member to join the First Shadows Fortnite Crew.

As of right now, we have been told that the “First Shadows” update will hit the scene by November 1st. Sierra’s appearance is definitely welcomed considering the incredible lineup that she had to fill in for.

The expectations were obviously high after the Chaos Origins from October and the Burning Wolf update from September, but we most certainly believe that Epic made the right choice in introducing her to the lineup.

She is the only female character of the Midas team, and according to Epic Games themselves, her story is also a bit more personal than that of her peers. She is supposedly there to avenger her past and take the fight up to the Shadows.

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As mentioned previously, she is meant to be a playable character by November 1st and we are here to help you understand everything that there is to know about this new update as a whole.

Sierra is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, according to Epic Games themselves; she doesn’t come empty handed either as she brings home with her a ton of new accessories that you can mess around with in your spare time.

We’re talking about an exclusive back bling, the dual-wielded pickaxes that instantly caught our eye, the wrap and obviously the brand-new loading screen that will make the game even more interesting overall.

But, remember, you can only get these items if you are a part of the Fortnite Crew subscribers, so definitely make sure that you’re not left out of that requirement or you won’t be getting your hands on the pack.

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But alas, what else does the November Fortnite Crew pack consist of? This is what we know so far:

  • The Sierra Character Outfit
  • The Sierra Go Bag Back Bling
  • The Sierrated Steelblades Pickaxe
  • The Sierra Glowing Vengeance Wrap
  • The Sierra Vengeance Loading Screen

If you choose to become a subscriber you will also be getting access to the Season 8 Battle Pass for free and we can’t forget about the 1,000 V-Bucks that you’ll be getting out of it also.

But hey, if that’s not enough to get your attention, you should also know that you will be getting an all-new exclusive stage of the evolving legacy pickaxe which is sure to make your gameplay even more fire than ever before.

On top of that you also get yourself the aforementioned back bling and that new style for the All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe. These are all part of the Ariana Grande Spacefarer Quests, so you better take that with a grain of salt.

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If this sounds interesting we recommend that you do it immediately because the offer ends by November 1st. That’s when the First Shadows set officially comes to a close, so by this time next month we’ll definitely be speculating over what new character will be added to the roster.

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