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Riot Games collaborates with Mercedes-Benz


Oct 25, 2021
Riot Games collaborates with Mercedes-Benz

All members of the team that won the World Championship 2021 will receive a gold ring. On the homepage, Riot Games has officially posted a video announcing the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. Accordingly, the two sides will shake hands to design a white gold ring with a weight of 18 karats exclusively for the members of the team crowned at Worlds 2021. It is considered a beneficial step for both Riot Games and Mercedes -Benz when Worlds 2021 is becoming more attractive than ever.


“Worlds is a tournament with a long tradition in Esports. That means the winning team will receive the top prize. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2020, Mercedes-Benz has contributed to elevating and celebrating the best in League of Legends. It’s a pleasure that we continue to work together to create a bold mark for the team at Worlds,” shared Riot Games Global Head of League of Legends Naz Aletaha.

The ring will feature the same colors as the Summoner’s Cup, and the Mercedes-Benz logo will appear on the front. In addition, the ring also has a diamond surrounded by the Logo of Worlds. After relentless efforts, Riot Games is turning League of Legends into a popular game and attracting attention from famous companies.

A source from Dot Esports said that Riot Games and Mercedes-Benz spent a year designing the ring for the championship team. Then, the organizers sent the artisans at GOOD ART HLYWD to do the craft. Immediately after the finals of Worlds 2021 on November 6, the rings will be displayed on stage and given to the Summoner’s Cup advanced team.

It is also not the first time Riot Games has partnered with a big brand to help make Worlds more diverse and rich. In 2019, the Los Angeles-based company collaborated with the Louis Vuitton brand to design a box containing the championship trophy and received a lot of positive feedback from fans.

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Worlds 2021 begins a tradition

This Thursday was presented what is going to become a tradition within League of Legends and its esports. And that is that compared to traditional sports, this competitive universe is still in its earliest childhood. What does this mean? The possibilities to grow, create traditions, and symbolism are still enormous, and knowing that Riot Games is an American company, having champion rings fits like a glove.

Riot Games fa tripletta con Mercedes, Gilette e First Strike! - PokerStars  News

The rings were made at GOOD ART HLYWD, a Los Angeles jewelry store. Before the final of Worlds 2021, we will have available on YouTube a documentary about the process of creating them, something that no fan can miss and an object of desire for any professional League of Legends player.

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