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PUBG esports banned in China


Oct 1, 2021
China bans PUBG

China down the sword! Bans PUBG Esport due to law regulating juveniles playing video games and could spread to other esports games in China.


The situation of the gaming industry in China is still intense. Recently, there are reports that China has banned PUBG esports and may affect other similar games in the future.

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The reason for the ban of PUBG competition is that the game is not certified by the National Press and Publishing Agency of China ( NAPP), which will affect the organizers, teams, content creators. Many. This ban will not cover various live streaming platforms. (But maybe extended in the future), but direct competition events are inevitably the focus.

It seems that this event will not give up easily on enacting laws for gamers and restricting gaming. Recently, a law that allows minors to play games is limited to 3 hours per week. Of course, it affects a lot of games released in China, especially the very famous PUBG game. Although, the game has not been banned from playing or banning the game at all. Recently China has banned esports PUBG competition.

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China bans PUBG’s domestic esports tournaments because it hasn’t been approved.

According to a Sports Business Journal report, Vice Chairman of the Esports Committee of the China Cultural Management Association Yibo Zhang, saying that PUBG has not been approved by the National Press regulator. China’s and Publication Administration (NAPP) was the reason for the ban on PUBG Esport. It doesn’t directly affect streaming platforms (for now).

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And recently, the China Game Publication Committee released the contents of a meeting with 213 game providers and publishers battling online game addiction, the law, and regulation. Do not allow young people to play games for more than 3 hours per week there. It includes the regulation to close esports competitions when all the information is put together. It is in line with the point that the committee wants to apply regulations to harm online games in China, especially the Steam store.

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It’s an exciting story, and it’s worth keeping an eye on. What will China do with the issue of online gaming and esports regulations? In a country where many players prefer online gaming and professional esports competition. There is also a gaming giant like Tencent based in China. It is a shareholder of PUBG and is a developer of the game PUBG Mobile.

It’s really a huge impact. And the situation of restricting the rights of the gaming industry in China continues to be intense. At the same time that China’s gaming industry is stepping up to challenge the world’s leaders at the same time. Many parties are worried that the gaming industry, including e-sports in China, may plunge rapidly. And at the end, where it will come out, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Content creators may not fare much better. A recent Independent report confirmed that the Chinese government would remove the game from the country’s streaming platforms, effectively removing the job of all streamers who spent most of their hours on the Krafton title.

Fortunately, the Chinese public will be able to turn to the mobile version produced specifically for the market of the Asian country, Peacekeeper Elite, apparently unaffected by this new wave of bans.  


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