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OWL and CDL to abolish Salary Cap?


Oct 21, 2021
OWL and CDL to abolish Salary Cap?

The OWL (Overwatch League) and the CDL (Call of Duty League) imposed a law that changed everything. Like other competitions in North America, the leaders of both leagues decided to impose a salary cap and a luxury tax. Other competitions, such as the NBA or the NFL already had these rules. And the idea was to create something similar with the franchises of these leagues. However, this decision may take less time than expected.


In early July of this year, it became official that the United States Department of Justice was investigating these laws. Apparently, they were going against the players’ unions and the bargaining power of the workers. Even though Activision Blizzard has yet to confirm this, there are already rumors about it.

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Call of Duty League

The players’ union, the main problem of this law in the OWL

Although these caps were introduced to ensure competitive integrity, organizations might not agree to this. Without this law, players would be embroiled in an unlimited bidding “war, and therefore the contracts would be even higher.

Although there was an attempt to run a players union by two of the most significant players in the COD League (Scump and Crimsix), it seems that it was only an idea. For this reason, the Department of Justice investigated this law. And since this union does not yet exist, it decided to investigate it. That is why these luxury tax and salary cap systems could be abolished for the following season. Nothing is clear yet, and despite the fact that Kevin Hitt (a Sports Business Journal reporter) has stated that they are planning to eradicate these maximum limits, we will have to wait to see what happens.

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