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New World: Crafting Basics a beginner’s guide


Oct 7, 2021
New World

From the first steps in the world of Aeternum, The player will encounter many difficulties to overcome, which you will need various auxiliary items and weapons. You will be able to discover many resources from which different useful things for survival can be created.


Consumables creation 

Improving Crafting skills that produce consumables, for example, Cooking and Arcana, improve resource efficiency. As a newbie Arcanist, you will produce infusions in a 1: 1 ratio to the required resources.

Crafting in New World - News | New World

The Advanced Arcanist can craft additional tinctures. At first glance, this may seem like a small thing. But when you begin to Craft on an industrial scale, you will see that the efficiency will be over 30%.

Crafting equipment and its level

The more skill you have in making a different type of equipment, the superior the result will be. As the crafting skill develops, the final outcome of the range of the possible level of the received item begins to increase. For example, a novice gunsmith can get a simple iron sword in the 200-210 level range. As his weapon crafting skill improve, this range also improve. You will still receive low-quality items, but their average level will increase.

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Crafting in New World - News | New World

Crafting Equipment, Gem Slots, and Perks

Every moment the player craft an item of equipment, there is a low possibility of getting one or more perks. Sometimes you can even found an Item with a gem socket. There is some task you can follow to increase your chance of receiving these bonuses.

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Increased chance of getting an item with a socket

You can increase your chances of getting an item with a gem slot by increasing the amount of the primary resource required to craft that item. For example, if you want the Steel Sword to have a high probability of getting a nest. Then use more steel when Crafting it. It does not guarantee results, but you can take risks by increasing the chance.

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The number and level of perks that you can get when creating an item are influenced by Nitrogen. You can use it during crafting to raise the probability of getting an Item with additional bonuses.

Under certain conditions, you can also choose which perk will be included in the item during manufacturing using a unique modifier. For example, while traveling, you may come across a magical flower called Dragon’s Glory (Dragonglory). It is an excellent source of Fire Essences that is an ingredient in Arcanist potions and the creation of Fire Staves. When you collect this flower, you have a little opportunity of getting a Dragonglory Stem. It can be used to craft a weapon with the Ignited perk.

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The ability to furnish and decorate your home is an essential part of the New World. This production skill works slightly differently when leveling up than the previous ones. Increasing it increases the range of pieces of furniture you can craft. Moreover, decorative elements of decoration can be made even with a low level of skill.

Furnishers may also make storage (various containers) and trophies for homes. The Trophies give permanent passive bonuses to combat and craft skills. I have already discussed this issue in more detail in a separate article on home improvement.

Crafting items or loot, which is better?

High-end Craftsmen can craft items as powerful as those found in adventure and combat. In any case, victory in battle is primarily about your personal skills, abilities, and correctly distributed abilities.

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