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Mousesports rebrands to MOUZ


Oct 20, 2021
Mousesports rebrands to MOUZ

Mousesports is an organization with active users in the league of legends, CS:GO, and other well-known games. It is a Germany-based organization. Mousesports logo has been carried out into several prominent events in CS:GO for over 20 years. MOUZ has been changing its old logo and old name to a new logo and new name after 20 years. 

The previous logo represented a mouse-head and the player’s hand using a historical mouse known to old fans, which newer fans consider challenging to understand. Because of this difficulty of understanding new fans, they have decided to change their old logo and name.

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mousesports: Die deutsche Achterbahnfahrt im Jahr 2015

So, MOUZ is designing a straightforward logo instead of an old logo that was difficult to understand and easy to understand. MOUZ has described in their blogpost that this sudden decision to change the logo is “A prominent logo that will describe its potential when you see it on many different main events or any occasion.”

The new logo has changed its classic logo with an aggressive, angular, and more pixelated look and has kept its traditional colours, white and red. MOUZ will launch its new logo and new logo jerseys at the CS: GO PGL Major in Stockholm, Sweden. This event will run from 26th October to 7th November. Thus, they will make their first entrance in major after two years.

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