• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

LOL Worlds MAD Lions vs Gen.G tiebreaker

MAD Lions vs Gen.G

MAD had a lot going for them after their incredible victory against LNG so you can already tell that when they were set up against Gen couldn’t help but feel like they were cruising up to the winner’s bracket.

The only reason as to why people weren’t especially scared for this matchup is definitely the fact that both MAD and GEN were already on their way to the final stage so regardless of who won and who lost they would have made it there without a problem.

MAD Lions

But alas, as the match began, everything seemed to slow down tremendously as opposed to the previous matches of the series. Nothing really happened up until the 7:30 mark which is when GEN finally started racking up some kills, getting a Double Kill right off the bat to get things going.


MAD decided to ignore this however and instead just go right into the bot lane instead, and right afterwards Carzzy managed to get a quick kill resulting in them getting a bit of a gold lead ahead.

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MAD then decided that it was about time that they went all out, trying to take out multiple enemies at once, but this didn’t prove favorable for them since they did manage to get a kill but they lost two players in the process.

MAD then moved on to secure their second drake, and as Baron spawned, GEN were caught up claiming their fifth tower as a whole, giving them a really promising lead of 5k.

GEN continued to eradicate the competition, getting both their third drake and Baron all at once. They were definitely feeling themselves around this part but their success story was about to come to an abrupt end as MAD picked up the Ace and completely destroyed GEN in the process.

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Desperate to get the lead back, GEN went ahead and secured the Dragon Soul, killing four of MAD’s players while losing three of their own.

The match was definitely pretty close at this point, as most players were just looking forward to the combination between Baron and the Elder Drake.

GEN were confident enough to directly engage into battle with Kennen but Carzzy quickly stepped up to the matchup and took down two players before he was taken down.

GEN then went on to secure the Baron, quite the risky play if we can say so ourselves since if they were to lose this battle, they would have pretty much lost the whole game in the process too.

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As the dust settled, the final battle commenced for the Elder, and this time it was GEN that took the leading role as they completely demolished MAD in a clash in the mid.

After they won this battle, it was pretty much game over for MAD as they made themselves known as the top team in Group D.

This was definitely a slower match but still, seeing such high-level plays is always great regardless of what the outcome is.


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