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LOL most played top lane champions


Oct 18, 2021
most played top lane champions

Every aspiring League of Legends player wants to know the most played top lane champions. I have prepared a breakdown of the top five most played top lane champions right now. Have a look at this.


A character who can win any game, even falling behind at the start. At the beginning of the game, the primary skill of the Graves character is splitting.

Throughout the game, a passive skill gives the character a big plus, which after every fifth use of the spell stuns the enemy for a short time. At the same time, the stunning works in the area. If a skill charged with a passive ability falls into a group of enemies, then they will all be stunned.

Graves, the Outlaw - League of Legends

In addition, Graves can deal area damage in a cone in front of him. It is an excellent skill for quickly clearing minion waves and damaging enemy champions.

 In addition, enemies themselves take damage from your shield if they deal damage with basic attacks. Graves’s most strong skill is his ultimate, Summon Tibbers. The character summons a huge teddy demonic bear, which gives the team a numerical advantage.


Sett, il boss - League of Legends

Sett has all the tools he needs to put pressure on the entire map. This champion has great ganking potential already at the third level. You need to strike with an auto-attack and then apply Sett’s second skill – an increase that allows each auto-attack to deal extra damage. It allows you to land three hits almost instantly. Most shooters and magicians are unable to survive this.

Sett becomes much powerful after receiving the ultimate, which gives both active and passive effects. Passively, each attack of Sett deals extra damage, and the active champion gains magic resistance and armor for a short time.

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A champion with damage, escape, and split-pushing ability. What else do you need for a MOBA game? This champion has a very high potential due to powerful skills and mobility on the map. 

Camille, l'ombra d'acciaio - League of Legends

As for the active skill, Camille attaches a bomb to the target, which explodes after a certain period. Until the moment of the explosion, you can charge a bomb, auto-attacks on the target. The charged bomb deals more damage, which works on champions, minions, towers, and forest mobs. In addition, you should not forget about the passive, which increases the champion’s attack range with each level. Camille can quickly close the distance and get out of dangerous situations thanks to the Rocket Jump skill. At the same time, the ability also has a passive effect. It instantly recharges when you kill an enemy champion or when the maximum charged bomb of the character’s third skill explodes.

What the champion can boast of is a large number of ultimate functions. For the most part, this is pushing the enemy towards the direction of the ability. 

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The Fiora is still a real threat to opponents. It is due to simple mechanics – a passive skill uses a system of charges and is charged thanks to the auto-attacks or skills that you use, and regardless of whether you hit the enemy or not. 

Fiora Skins & Chromas :: League of Legends (LoL)

The main skill of the Fiora can be considered its first ability, which works in two versions. If you hold down the key, then you will throw a spear in the direction you choose. If you press the key, then you will carry out a quick attack from close range.

The second skill allows the champion to jump towards the enemy, deal damage, and stunning them. It is most beneficial to use this skill with a charged passive to deal more damage. Also, the champion can launch a series of attacks through the shield.

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At the maximum level of pumping, the Fiora can overcome half the map. Upon landing, the champion plows the ground along the line of travel, damaging enemies caught in the area.


The support champion is always beneficial for the team. But if the support can replace the shooter if necessary, then the situation becomes much better. Darius is a mixed-skill hero. She both deals damage and helps allies not to die. The hardest thing to get used to is passive, which is collecting souls. You need to use an auto-attack if you see a soul nearby. It will strengthen you towards the late game.

How to play Darius like Fnatic top laner Adam - Dot Esports

Darius’s second skill releases a clot of black mist and immobilizes the target when hit. Since this skill works in an area, you can immobilize several opponents at once. 

Darius brings the most benefit after the appearance of the ultimate ability. When used in the chosen direction, a stream of light and darkness flies across the entire map. 


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