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League of Legends: Pre-Season 2022 reveals new content


Oct 12, 2021
League of Legends: Pre-Season 2022 reveals new content

Riot Games has just released a new Development Diary video. It shows the new content that will have tested during the 2021 League of Legends Pre-Season. Accordingly, the 2022 League of Legends Pre-Season version will have new equipment, gem updates, new bonus mechanics, new dragons, and new features.

New equipment

A new Mythical item for support is suitable for those who like aggressive play and rush into the middle of the battle. When immobilizing an enemy, all nearby enemies take additional damage from your allies for a short time.

There is a new Mythical item for mages in need of survival. It will help you reduce damage for a few seconds after being attacked. The protection from this item also helps to gain more Skill Recovery Points.

There has Updated Legendary equipment for Mage, Assassin, and Tank.

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Assassin’s Legendary Equipment grants extra Skill Cooldown and returns part of the Ultimate’s cooldown when taking down enemies.

Preseason 2021 gameplay plans - League of Legends

The Legendary Equip for Tank grants extra health based on maximum mana. You can use mana to create a shield when they immobilize an opponent.

Legendary Mage equipment grants magic penetration to shielded enemies.

Gem Adjustment

Frozen Upgrade will be reworked to increase the ability to slow enemies. Deadly Pace has changed to emphasize its super-fast firing ability and give it a distinct direction in the Precision branch.


The additional target bonus works similarly to the power of the Bonus. But grants gold by killing map targets like Turrets or Baron. The Bonus will increase gradually as the difference between the two teams increases and has divided equally among the whole team, regardless of who kills the target.

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New Dragon

Added two new types of Dragons, Tech Dragon, and Tech Dragon. Tech Dragon Upon defeating it, the whole team will gain bonus skill cooldown and attack speed. If you receive Tech Dragon Soul, you will receive a spark that slows down similar to the previous Statikk Electric Knife. When transforming the map, these dragons will create Tech Portals. It will help you teleport to predetermined locations on the map.

Dragons are being reworked again in League of Legends Season 12 - Dexerto

Dragon Transformation

 When defeating it, the whole team will have increased damage when low health. Dragon Soul Transformation will help you survive in a Zombie state for a few seconds after death. You can use skills and fight in this state.

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The Chemical Dragon will contaminate the ground and create camouflage zones at fixed locations.

New feature

The new feature Challenge is created to give League of Legends players more ways to express themselves and their achievements in the game. Challenges will level up gradually, demonstrating increasing proficiency. And the performance of players across all systems, modes, and gameplay.

Game mode

Riot Games will prioritize launching new modes instead of bringing old game modes back. Because refreshing will be easy while bringing back old game modes will have to be tweaked to make them compatible with League Legends at present.

Ultimate Spellbook Updated with more ultimates, tweaked to make the jungle position enjoy the same fun as any other position.

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