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League of Legends Guide: starting items

League of Legends Guide: starting items

Today I bring you a League Of Legends Starting Items guide because I want you to have all the clear knowledge. It is a topic that is not well known until you start playing this MOBA, but the idea is that you already know what it is about because it is a fundamental pillar for your progress.


Starting Items in LOL

Starting Items are bought with gold, which is acquired over time by killing minions or enemy champions. Each starting item will give you different advantages, one of the most significant points to consider to stand out in the game.

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Each champion can carry a maximum of six, which is why the selection of them is so important. You can get any starting item in the base shop. You find them classified in the following categories. Keep in mind that a starting item can belong to several categories due to its characteristics

Starting Items: Earned with starting gold.

  • Tools: among them are the cards and consumables.
  • Defense: They give you life and resistance.
  • Attack: Damage, Speed, and Critical Strike stats increased.
  • Magic: increases skill stats, reduces cooldown.
  • Movement: improve movement speed.
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League of Legends Starting Item Guide: Levels

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In LOL, you can create and modify the starting items that you want to use with your player. To do this, you can make a combination, which results in a tree that is divided into three maximum levels, the basic, advanced, and finished. The first does not need the purchase of another item to function. As for the second, it has quests that you must complete with starting items.

Other aspects to consider

To delve into the details, in the League of Legends starting items guide, I cover other aspects that you should not miss.

The transformations: it is a unique process by which you get the update of starting items that cannot be done by paying with gold. It occurs when you earn stacks or complete missions.

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Enchantments: in this case, they are updates applied to different starting items and are granted the same effect.

Consumable starting items: these can be accumulated and later spent, decreasing the quantity in inventory and performing a specific function.

Playing cards: they are not counted among the 6 starting items that you can choose, as they have their unique position.

Starting Items effects

There are types of effects provided by starting items such as primary and secondary that provide some benefits.

  • Stats: Gives the champion a positive stat buff.
  • Passives: automatic effects as well as passive abilities.
  • Active: These effects are activated by clicking on the item, are similar to the champion’s ability, and have cooldowns.
  • Unique: Starting Items marked with special effects prevent stacking abuse, meaning that the effects overlap.
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I am sure that this League of Legends starting Items Guide will be of great help to you. But remember that in practice is where you become an expert. There are countless starting items to experiment and combine, so start now and win all the battles to come.


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