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League of Legends: Canyon (DWG KIA) heavily fined


Oct 8, 2021
Canyon (DWG KIA)

Despite being with DWG KIA in Iceland to prepare for the group stage of Worlds 2021, Canyon still had to receive a penalty from Riot.

In a recent video on DWG KIA’s youtube channel, Canyon used an employee’s LoL account to play a Normal game and got himself punished.

Using other people’s accounts is one of the taboos for League of Legends players because of the so strict rules from the game operator to ensure fairness. Recently, DWG KIA’s talented jungler, Canyon, was fined ₩300,000 (equivalent to 250 USD) by Riot Korea for using an account belonging to the team’s staff to play a Normal game.

The canyon is one of the top junglers in the world.

On October 4, in a clip recording an exchange program with female singer Kang Hye-won (former IZ*ONE member). Canyon used an unofficial account to play a casual battle with female idols. This action of Canyon violated Riot Games’ “forbidden law.” Specifically, for League of Legends gamers, especially professional players, it is mandatory to use the official account when playing the game. It is to prevent as well as limit the problem of plowing or buffing elo.

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Canyon broke the rules of Riot Games.

Through investigation, Korean Riot confirmed that the account Canyon used to communicate with singer Kang Hye-won was provided by DK’s content producer to avoid revealing his ID. Canyon also only uses this account to play only one Normal game. However, Canyon and like DK team still have to receive punishment from Riot Games for violating the law. Specifically, Canyon was fined 300,000 won (about 6 million VND), and the account was restricted for 30 days. Meanwhile, DK received a fine of 2,000,000 won (about 38 million VND). At the same time, DK has 14 days to appeal the sentence.

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Because of a DK employee’s ignorance, Canyon was fined. The League of Legends team from Korea was also fined up to 2,000,000 Won (equivalent to 1680 US dollars) for not complying with Riot Games’ regulations. The decision has been made, and DWG KIA can file an appeal reported in about 14 days. In addition, Canyon’s main account will also be temporarily restricted from operating at the Korean server for about 30 days.

Fortunately, Canyon is currently actively climbing the ranks on the European server.

So, currently, he is preparing for the upcoming Worlds tournament and will not be affected much by this penalty. But it can be seen that this is not very happy information right before The whole team is about to start the journey to defend the throne at Worlds 2021, which promises many difficulties to come by sharing a copy with FunPlus Phoenix.

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Punishment for Canyon and DWG KIA

It is a warning punishment that is the main thing when the actions of Canyon and DK have absolutely no bad intentions. However, this is also an expensive lesson for DK’s content production team in complying with Riot Games’ regulations. This penalty probably doesn’t affect Canyon’s mentality too much. He is still focusing on DK for the upcoming 2021 World Championship group stage.

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