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Jett’s bug will persist


Oct 24, 2021
Jett's bug will persist

Valorant players will have to get used to this for a long time to come when Riot does not intend to fix her bug immediately.


Riot Games has been aware of the bug of agent Jett in Valorant. But the good thing is that it doesn’t affect gameplay too much, so they will postpone this bug fix in the next update.

With the 3.08 update released yesterday, adding to the game some pretty significant features like the fact that you can choose the upgrade levels of the skin instead to use the correct level of the skin. 

Besides, some server errors are also improved and fixed by Riot in this update. And some players have noticed that Jett has nerfed a bit thanks to her kit changes.

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Jett’s two mobility skills both have a longer draw time than the previous update, greatly reducing the ability to trade damage with his enemies and also a lot easier to lie down. Besides, the price of Updraft has also increased quite significantly, so it has made players wonder in weak games when it is now not as effective as before.

As the most mobile agent in Valorant, these changes have reduced her place among the duelists present in Valorant. Now Jett players have to wonder a lot about the effectiveness of skills and the strength of other Agents to defeat the enemy. On a positive note, this is also an opportunity for duelists to think about other agents and have more fairness in choosing strategies for their team.

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Update details 3.08 – Fixes


The poison gas valves on Viper’s gloves will now be on the right side of the hand in Left Hand Mode.


Weapon skins will now display correctly in-game.

You may have experienced abnormal skin display in the past few weeks. It is a rare case where the gaming connection is slow due to the loading time being too long.


Previously, attackers in Lobby A on Split could hear gunfire from Slope A during the purchase phase. It was an unexpected issue and has been fixed.

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Viper’s Ultimate will no longer mistakenly spray when placed on crates in area B of Icebox.

General Settings

You may have noticed that the blind gem will appear if you shoot continuously at the wall. It is due to the glare function being overlapped and has been fixed.

From now on, the audience can clearly see the outline of the player behind the barrier.


It has Fixed a glitch that could occur when breaking the Barrier of Ice.

Fixed stuttering for certain input messages;

Game system

Fixed spike removal stopped midway when using Signal (Z).

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