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Is StarCraft Still a Big Esports in 2021?


Oct 3, 2021
Is StarCraft Still a Big Esports in 2021?

Most people believe that there is a finite amount of fun that you can get from a game and for the most part they’re right. Game series has fallen from grace in less than a year in the past, while others have lasted for well over a decade by pure luck. Is StarCraft still a big eSports in 2021? We will answer to this question in this article

It appears as though if you want your game to really outshine its competition and live through the ages there are certain parameters that need to be reached otherwise your game will just end up being a forgotten relic of its time frame.

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But, that’s not what we’re here to talk about today, quite the contrary actually. Today we will be diving into what is possibly one of the oldest and most popular games of all time, we’re talking about none other than StarCraft.

While the game has had its fair share of problems and issues that have been addressed by the developers over the years, there simply has never been another series that stood the test of time quite like it before.

The fanbase has faltered every now and then but it’s never completely abandoned the series which is why many have argued that this is the oldest and most popular Esports out there today, despite not having the largest number of fans. But, can it still compete on the professional scene and if so, how did it accomplish this in the first place?

Amazing Game Support

While other games such as League of Legends and Rocket League have bigger fanbases than StarCraft, it would be unfair to compare them since StarCraft and StarCraft II are so much older than any other Esports out there.

One of the reasons as to why StarCraft has outlasted its competition however is definitely the fact that it simply put has some of the best game support out there. Sure, Psyonix will not hesitate to pull out more decals and wheel variations every couple of months now, including different seasonal rewards and such with every update, but StarCraft have really outdone themselves by continuously working on the game and improving it even decades after its official release.

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The game has literally reinvented the wheel for strategy games over and over again, and it continues to do so with so many new free updates, as they try to keep the game alive by giving the fans what they want for free.

Simplicity is Key

While most other games out there such as Rocket League and CS:GO have a huge learning curve that you need to get used to in order to be great at the game, StarCraft has no such thing as the game is now about as easy as they come to get into.

It is the best RTS game out there, and while it can be the most competitive gaming scene of all time, it is also a great introduction for players to RTS games. Because of this, many people can pick up the game and within the same day they can go live onto the Esports event and understand everything that is happening right up.

This is not something that games like Rocket League or League of Legends can say, as those games require a ton of mechanical understanding to properly emulate, while StarCraft legit is all about reaction and adaptability over learning weird mechanics and honing your reflexes to a tee.

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There’s a Lot of Money to Earn

While the other aforementioned games out there can be a lot more rewarding in terms of Esports, it’s amazing to say that Blizzard has continuously poured money into the Esports scene of StarCraft for a very long time now, keeping the professional scene alive to the point where it’s so worth it to just jump in and play to your heart’s content even if you’re not a pro player yourself.

The Esports scene has been funded so much that it once used to be one of the most well rewarding games on the market to become a pro at, and because it is so easy to get into to begin with you can already see why so many people started playing it so many years after the game had already been out by then.

The Fanbase is Still Growing

There have been many reports over the years of people stating that the game is officially dead, that the fanbase has abandoned it and most importantly, nobody cares about StarCraft anymore. While a steady downfall of the numbers has been confirmed though, the game is actually still doing very good to this day thanks to a very honest and loyal fanbase that is still growing every day.

There will always be more players waiting in line to join the League of Legends or Counter Strike scene, but these are overly inflated numbers that will decrease steadily over the years, while with a game like StarCraft, the numbers you see will not abandon the game unless it’s literally dead on arrival.

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It’s not the smoothest game, it’s not the greatest of games out there either, but it does offer what no other game out there has: a very loyal fanbase that will keep playing the game even when the servers are down.

The Game is Downright Fun

We can sit here all day and talk about the money rewards, the incredible time frame that the game has been actively pulling in numbers for and its overall simple gameplay but the truth is the reason as to why StarCraft is still doing so good is because it’s just a really fun game to play.

So, is the game itself still a good Esports and should you play or bet on it even after so many years after its launch? Absolutely.

There will always be new games on the market to play and bet on, but while their popularity will faulter and they will be forgotten over the years, StarCraft will continue to pull in numbers even many years from now, as it has for over two decades now. 

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