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How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite?


Oct 23, 2021
Thanking the bus driver as you jump from it to most certain doom is pretty much synonymous to Fortnite nowadays.

Thanking the bus driver as you jump from it to most certain doom is pretty much synonymous to Fortnite nowadays. Despite the fact that they didn’t start the trend but merely adopted it after a popular meme hit the scene, they perfectly added it to their game making it a staple of Fortnite.

But, how exactly do you thank the bus driver? This is the question that many players have asked themselves recently since this was one of the weekly Chapter 2 – Season 8 challenges. In this short guide we’ll tell you just that so keep on reading because we’ve got the answers that you’re looking for right here.

This mechanic in itself has been in the game since Chapter 1, but there are still plenty of players online that still don’t know how to do it. If you want to do it, you’ll simply have to press the corresponding key right after the pre-game lobby.

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Make sure that you don’t click it too early though and instead click it right as you’re getting ready to exit the Battle Bus. So, you can do it at any time around the 30 to 45 second mark before you actually jump out of the bus.

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If you’re using a controller you will need to tap on the “Down” key in order to actually thank the bus driver. You can find this key on your Directional Pad. This applies regardless of whether you’re using a PlayStation or an Xbox controller.

You will know if you did it right or wrong by seeing if your name popped up on the lower-left corner of your screen. There, you should be able to see that you’ve successfully thanked the bus driver.

If you are on PC though you will need to press on the “B” key in order to thank the bus driver. Don’t worry though, you can change this at anytime in the settings, just look at the controls there and change it up accordingly to suit your needs.

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The challenge that we mentioned previously asks of you to thank the bus driver five different times in total. This means that it won’t be enough to do it all at once, but that you’ll need to do it before the match begins for five different rounds.

After you’re done with this challenge however, you’ll get a total of 50k XP added to your progression. But that’s not all.

Once stage two starts, you’ll need to do it ten more times to get 45k more XP. This means you’ll have to play through ten more rounds in total. During the final stage you’ll need to do it twenty more times.

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This may seem tedious at first but it will give you 40k XP, bringing your total up to 135k EXP just for thanking the bus driver. You only have six more days to do it though so we recommend doing it quickly. Remember, you don’t have to win for this to apply to your seasonal rewards.


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