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How to get the flash drone in Cod Mobile season 9

How to get the flash drone in cod mobile

In case you didn’t know by now, Call of Duty Mobile: Season 9 has just recently released a new piece of tactical equipment that has definitely taken the world by storm.


With season 9 came a ton of new features including new maps and even new weapons that players have been incredibly stoked to use in matches.

But, all of them pale in comparison to their newest tactical equipment and by far one of the coolest things they’ve ever even considered adding to the game.

If you want to get it for yourself then don’t worry because we’re here to help. Just follow our quick guide and we can assure you by the end of it you’ll have the flash drone on your account.

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So, how exactly can you get it? Well, it’s all thanks to the “In Plain Sight” seasonal event that has brought us so many cool new additions to the game, including the MK2-Shocking, the Arctic .50 Voltaic Garden, the AK-47-Shocking and of course Battle XP.

But, what does the flash drone even do? Essentially, it does exactly what it sounds like, it makes it so that your opponents can’t actually see for a short period of time during which you can sneak up on them and shoot them in the face while they’re blinded.

The drone can be used from a total distance of 15 meters, and it can be taken around 20 meters away from you so you can prepare to retaliate instantly if you get someone with it.

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So, the best way to use it is to scout around the corner and if you think an enemy is there deploy the flash drone and blind them so that you can take them down instantly afterward. Just remember to keep yourself protected either by your teammate or to hide behind a wall so that you cannot be taken down while you control the drone.

With that said, here’s what you need to do in order to get it:

  • Go through 5 multiplayer matches – This will actually get you five weapon cards
  • Throw your tactical equipment 15 times in those multiplayer matches – This will get you Backpack 1- Shocking
  • Take down 10 enemies using Thermite – This will get you the M2 – Shocking
  • Take down 15 enemies using any version of the MK2 with the Tactician perk – This will get you the M2 – Shocking
  • Take down 25 enemies with the AK-47 and the Tactician perk equipped – This will get you the Artic .50 – Voltaic Garden
  • Take down an enemy that’s on a Scorestreak using an EMP 3 times – This will get you the Full Moon
  • Win 3 matches using the Hard Wired Perk – This will get you the Flash Drone
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After you’re done with that last part, you’ll have your hands on the Flash Drone. Actually using it in-game is surprisingly easy, just remember to keep yourself behind cover so that you’re not backstabbed yourself.

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