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Fortnite’s most consistent trio may have just split


Oct 16, 2021
NA East’s most consistent players Edget and Cented just released a statement in which they stated that they’d be splitting up as a trio from that momen

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the professional Fortnite Esports league you should probably lay down or do something because this news will absolutely shock you to your core.


NA East’s most consistent players Edget and Cented just released a statement in which they stated that they’d be splitting up as a trio from that moment on, leaving all of their fans in the wind as they look around hoping that they’d find the reason behind this tomfoolery.

This all takes place right before FNCSS Chapter 2 of Season 8, an already really intense season, so you can already see why people have been taking this so seriously as soon as they heard the news.

If you’re new to the scene and you’re wondering why this is so important to the fans, it’s because this team has literally been one of the most consistent one in all of Fortnite’s professional league.

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Not many other players can say that they’ve managed to pull the same stunts as them, especially in Fortnite of all games. Sure, you have Mitr0, Benjyfishy and Montreal, but even so they still lack in a lot of aspects when compared to the trio we mentioned before.

Ever since Fortnite decided to start their own professional league with Season X, many teams have tried their hardest to make it on the big stage but to no avail.

FaZe Cented, NRG Edget and TSM FTX Commandment have literally played their hearts out ever since they first dropped out of the battle bus for four consecutive seasons now and yet it appears as though something was off behind the scenes, something that led to them separating after all this time.

They made it to the second place during the FNCS Season 4, 5, 6 and 7, and despite always coming in so close to the number one spot, they could never make it to the big stage because they were always taken down in the finals.

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So, in order to change this, they decided that it’s about time for a major decision to be taken, and this came up as a shock to the fans that have been rooting for them all this time.

So, jut to reemphasize, this isn’t a joke, this isn’t a meme, Edgey, Cented and Commandment are no longer a part of the same team, they’re no longer competing in the FNCS together.

Despite this however, the two that left the team decided that they’d clear any bad rumors online, essentially urging everyone to not send hate to anyone in particular and to know that this was a collective choice, that this was all about their synergy not being on par with what they expected, and that they only wish for the best for the opponents.

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Cented and Commandment stated in an interview that Liquid STRETCH might become their next teammate, and that in doing so he’d be leaving Bugha and Mero, his former teammates, alone in this fight.

Edgey also released a statement claiming that Threats and Rise will be his new teammates and that he’ll be playing alongside them for the rest of the season.

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