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Dota 2: dragon’s blood everything we know from teaser trailer

Dota 2: dragon’s blood everything we know

Oh yes, we’re talking Dota 2, and we’re most definitely talking about lots and lots of dragons!


Netflix has recently released what many would refer to as one of the most hype trailers that they’ve ever put out. This teaser trailer instantly got everyone amped up to see where the story will go next and we have to agree over the hype since we’re pretty much on the same boat too.

We are not ashamed to say that Dragon’s Blood has become one of our favorite anime of all time, even more so it has become one of our favorite TV shows that we’ve ever seen over the years.


The first season was intense, funny and best of all it offered a ton of new characters the proper attention and care that they deserved. This is why when we heard that a second season was greenlit, we couldn’t be any giddier.

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So, as the new teaser trailer hit the scene, what are our thoughts about it and most importantly, what can we expect from the new season simply based off of this little “mood teaser” right here? Let’s discuss this right away.

During this short teaser we got to see the introduction to Lina, one of the most important characters in the series as far as we can tell. We already knew that she had to be a part of the anime since she is one of the most popular characters in the game, but actually seeing her pop up like that was magical to say the least.

The scene starts off amazing as we get a good glimpse at Lina trying her hardest to get Davion back from Slyrak. The scene is definitely intense and overall, it makes for a great hype up moment that has gotten us completely hooked up to the series again.

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What’s even better though is the fact that we get to see a glimpse of Lina’s special ability, which is most likely the same one that she had in game.

Many theorists online have stated that this is obviously meant to be the in-game move since it is literally nicknamed “Dragon Slave” which is the same name that it has in the game.

We already knew that getting Davion back was going to need a strong character to come in and Lina is definitely filling these shoes perfectly.

Many people have also stated that she will most likely be the key character that changes the story as we know it, but that’s not all.

The teaser also stated that the main character has pretty much lost himself altogether and he’s been completely taken over by Slyrak.

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Near the end of the teaser, we get another glimpse at two dragons fighting in the background. As far as we could tell, one was either an ice breather or a blue flame breather which is just downright sick if you ask us.

The show’s new season is meant to hit the scene by January, 2022, hopefully it will live up to the hype of the first season.

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