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Dota 2 Best Teams in 2021


Oct 15, 2021
Dota 2 Best teams in 2021

Tournament operator ESL has published an updated rating of Dota 2 best teams in 2021. PSG.LGD still takes first place at Dota 2 Best Teams in 2021 list.

Team Aster returned to the top ten, finishing in 2nd place. Virtus.pro moved up to 3rd place, Tundra Esports, in its turn, dropped to fourth place. Vici Gaming rounds out the top five. The Elephant succeeded to gets 6th place.

OG dropped to the 7th position. Team Nigma lost three points and moved down to eighth place. The Team Spirit moved up to ninth place.


Team Undying added two points to rank 10th. Ehome and Invictus Gaming left the top ten list.


PSG.LGD is a multi-gaming esports organization from China. The PSG.LGD took first place at Dota 2 best teams in 2021. The organization began its journey in 2009 when the For the Dream team won the 2009 SMM DotA tournament. LGD took notice of the winners and signed the team.

Initially, LGD participated in Dota tournaments. In March 2012, the players switched to Dota 2. The first serious success of the team was third place in the main championship of the discipline The International in 2012.

LGD core squad has made it to The International’s Top 4 four times. The team was closest to winning in 2018. Then in the final, LGD lost to OG with a score of 2: 3 and earned $ 4,085,148.

On April 19, 2018, LGD entered into a partnership with the renowned French football club PSG. Since then, the team has been called PSG.LGD.

2. Team Aster

Team Aster is a Chinese esports organization founded in 2018 by a former professional player and Coach Xu BurNing Zhilei. From the very beginning, Aster has established itself as a solid team. Aster has won local Chinese qualifiers and tournaments and made it to the Major four times. Twice took 12-16 place, two more – 9-12.

The team has not yet participated in The International. In October 2019, the organization announced the creation of the Aster. Aries youth team. From the original 2018 roster, two people remained in the Team: Ye Borax Zhibiao and Lin Xxs Jin.

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3. Virtus.pro

Virtus.pro is a multi-gaming esports organization founded in 2003. In May 2012, Virtus.pro had a Dota 2 roster. The team participated in all major tournaments, won majors, and repeated its best result at The International 2017 and The International 2018 – 5th-6th place. A year later, Virtus.pro went to the main championship of the discipline as a favorite; but failed her performance, finishing in 9-12 place.

On April 1, 2020, Virtus.pro announced the creation of a second roster called VP.Prodigy. The roster immediately began to show good results, winning tier-2/3 tournaments. Six months later, VP.Prodigy became the main roster of the club. The Bears abandoned the idea of ​​a youth roster and soon signed new players.

4. Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports is a British esports organization founded in 2019. In 2021, the club announced the creation of a Dota 2 roster. Players who previously played under the Mudgolems tag moved to Tundra Esports. The main star of the roster can be called Adrian Fata Trinks, known for playing Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Cloud9. The original list also featured Malta’s Biver Winter, who retired in March 2021.

Tundra Esports competes in the top DPC 2021 division for Europe. The team got there through DreamLeague Season 14 DPC EU Tournament even before the organization signed the roster. At the end of the first season, Tundra Esports took first place and retained the slot in the division.

5. Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming is a multi-gaming esports organization founded in 2012. It is considered one of the most successful teams in China. The history of the organization began with a DotA roster.

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On January 28, 2013, she signed a second roster that mainly took part in DotA tournaments and occasionally in Dota 2. The team took second place at ESL One Katowice 2018 and first at DreamLeague Season 11 and EPICENTER Major 2019.

In the online era, in 2020, Vici Gaming understandably competed in local tournaments. At ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021, the first major LAN tournament after the break, Vici Gaming took 7th-8th place.

6. Elephant

The Elephant is a Chinese esports organization founded in 2020. Elephant originally planned to build a team with the 4AM organization. A month and a half, 4AM abandoned the idea of ​​merging with Elephant due to disagreements between the parties.

The Elephant lineup looked like this: Yao Somnus M Lu, Zhou Yang Haiyan, Xu FY Linsen, Zhu RedPanda Zhihao, and Liu Sylar Jiajun. After spending a day in the team, Sylar left. However, Vici Gaming has allowed their former player to train and participate in tournaments.

Elephant’s most significant achievement so far is winning the OGA Dota PIT S4: China. PSG.LGD was beaten in the grand final 3: 1. In the first place, Elephant earned $ 37,000.

7. OG

OG is an esports organization founded in 2015. The club was founded by professional Dota 2 players – Tal Fly Aizik and Johan n0tail Sundstein. Before that, they played under the tag (monkey) Business.

The third tournament in history was The Frankfurt Major 2015, in which OG won. Six months later, the team won The Manila Major 2016, and by that time was considered one of the contenders for victory at The International 2016.

2020 turned out to be not the best for OG in terms of results. At the beginning of the year, there were several changes in the roster. But today, the team’s roster is almost identical to OG’s roster at TI8. Only instead of JerAx, who ended his career, Martin Saksa Sazdov performs. In 2021, OG performed very well and get 7th place in Dota 2 Best Teams in the 2021 list.

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8. Team Nigma

Team Nigma is an esports organization founded in 2019 by former Team Liquid players following the end of The International 2019.

The Team Nigma won several tier-2 events in 2020. For example, on WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon Kuro KukoKy’s roster Salehi Takhasomi defeated Team Secret in the final. After experiencing a slight downturn, Nigma stabilized its performance towards the end of the year. Hit the top 8 at ESL One Germany 2020 and in the top 3 at OGA Dota PIT S4: Europe / CIS.

9. Team Spirit

Team Spirit is a Russian multi-gaming esports organization founded in 2015. At the same time, the organization signed the first Dota 2 roster. The team that played under the CIS Rejects tag became part of Team Spirit.

In early 2019, after the departure of the Captain of that roster, Artyom Fng Barshak, Team Spirit abandoned the Dota 2 team. Three months later, the organization returned to the discipline, signing the Old but Gold team that lost under the Team Spirit banner for a little over two months.

Team Spirit made two more attempts to sign the finished roster. In December 2020, the organization invited the Yellow Submarine roster. The backbone of that team still defends the colors of the Russian club.

10. Team Undying

Team Undying is a professional Dota 2 team. Undying performs in the North American region. The team managed to qualify for the first division of the DPC 2021. In the first season, the team took third place.

In March, Undying was one step away from winning the BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas. But in the final, the team lost 1: 3 to 4 Zoomers.  


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