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Dead silence returns as new perk in COD Vanguard


Oct 31, 2021
Dead silence returns as new perk in COD Vanguard

Good news everyone, one of the fan-favorite perks that has been requested for a very long time now is finally set to return in COD Vanguard.

Back when the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta first came out, fans really loved it and that’s a fact. It was one of the most downloaded betas of all time, and for good reason too. One thing however that the fans quickly caught wind of was the fact that although the game had everything that they wanted at first, it still lacked an important feature that they’ve been asking for a very long time now.

We’re talking about the Dead Silence perk. In case this is your first COD, you should know that the Dead Silence perk has been one of the most famous perks in all of the COD franchise, to the point where it is synonymous with the game series as a whole.

This perk actually allowed the player to move around the map without being spotted, which made the game even more fun since you could now sneak up on people and not have to worry about them hearing you at any time whatsoever.

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COD is already known as one of the most tactical shooters out there, so the idea of bringing in a feature that allows you to sneak around the map without being seen, flanking the whole enemy team is pretty brilliant if you ask any serious COD enthusiast.

But alas, Sledgehammer Games finally released a statement on it, and they immediately were received by applause and praises as they stated that they will be bringing back the perk under a new name known as “Ninja”.

This is pretty much just the exact same thing as the Dead Silence perk except it is named differently. This perk was added to the game as a response to the fact that they recently removed the Low-Profile perk, which we’re definitely pretty happy about.

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Alas, the Ninja perk is set to give you all of the advantages that the Dead Silence perk gave you in previous installments, you will be able to run around the map with ease without being spotted by your enemies because of your loud footsteps.

Instead, you will be able to flank the enemy without a problem, so be sure to take advantage of that when you want to chase down an enemy.

This perk is especially useful in the Search and Destroy game mode since this will make for even more clutch moments.

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This addition as definitely made the game even more amazing to look forward to, we’re especially keen on seeing what this will bring to the pro scene of course but we’re mainly looking forward to seeing what the casual player can do on the battlefield.

Regardless, check out Call of Duty: Vanguard by next week on November 5 since that’s when it officially releases. It is said to feature 20 maps and a multitude of new game modes which are sure to get your blood pumping.

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