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Astralis goes winless on the first day of Major CS:GO


Oct 29, 2021
Astralis goes winless

The start could not be worse with a team that holds 4 Major Cups. Astralis – the CS: GO team that holds up to 4 Major trophies had expected to be able to bring home their 5th trophy once again in this year’s Major. But their start was a bad one dream with fans.

After a strange loss to Copenhagen Flames in the opening match of the tournament, this team had expected to come back strong in their next game as their opponent was rated much weaker – Entropiq. But in the end, the red star still failed inexplicably. Even this match, they lost even worse than the first match when the second-place CIS team easily defeated them with a score of 16-6 on the Dust II map.

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In this match, Astralis couldn’t stand on his heels and kept creating confusing gaps in his movements. At the end of the first half, Entropiq took a 10 – 5 lead. And the second half was complete domination from the CIS team, and the result reflected the confusion in Astralis’ formation as it approached this year’s Major.

Now, the Danish team will have to find a way to win all the remaining matches to advance to the Legend States round because just losing one more game will most likely leave this tournament. Besides, the only representative of Asia, Tyloo, also has a similar result when he also almost received defeat for himself.

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What happens when you are at the limit?

Any team that is one match away from qualifying or being eliminated will play the rest of their matches in a best-of-three format. While up to that point, everything has played as a single match.

That is where, Astralis is on the edge and will have to face GODSENT this Wednesday from 16:15, another team that also has a 0-2 record. Win or go home for both organizations.

In case of success, the Danes will advance to the third day and face another team with a 1-2 record. All that remains of the phase for Astralis will be drama after drama, life and death matches to stay in the Major.

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Finally, if they overcome their duel on Thursday, they will advance to the fourth day and last round of New Challengers, where they will play against another survivor with a 2-2 record. In case of success, the momentum will be in favor of the Nordics after an excellent recovery.

Astralis can advance

The greatest hope? The best of the three formats. Astralis has a minimal margin of error, and it is that in the one-game format. They were notably surpassed, without any response capacity. Being a contender again and fighting for the Major is going to take a great effort.


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