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Worlds 2021 groups reaction


Sep 26, 2021
Worlds 2021 groups

Just under two weeks to go to the start of the biggest tournament of the year for League of Legends. Worlds 2021 kicks off on the 5th of October. Let’s analyze the announced groups with you.


It will be a fantastic tournament that will take place in Reykjavik next October, because the best League of Legends teams in the world will be at the start and because the four groups promise entertainment. All four groups are incredibly exciting. Group A is the most incredible on paper. As fate would have it, the first seeded LCK DWG KIA ended up in the same group as the second-seeded LPL in a very tough group. FunPlus and DWG are considered the two strongest teams in this tournament and incredibly they happened to be in the same group.

Rogue, LEC’s third team, will need a miracle to get through. But surely the very high level of this group will guarantee us fantastic matches to watch, a little less if you are a Rogue fan.

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Group B also promises sparks. Edward Gaming is definitely the favorite, the number 1 seed in the LPL should win the group, but the fact that 100 Thieves, the number 1 seed in the LCS is there, guarantees a show. And then pay attention to T1, the third choice of the LCK which aims at least for second place. 100 Thieves must be careful because he risks not paying for the group. In short, certainly an unlucky draw for the American teams.

Group C is also spectacular. PSG Talon, if confirmed, can put everyone in trouble as it did in the Mid-season invitational. Fnatic, the second seed of the LEC will have to be very careful because in the group there is also Royal Never Give Up, the third seed of the LPL but winners of the Mid-Season Invitational. Crazy group. RNGU should be the favorites here, but having done badly in the LPL Summer they could continue with the negative trend. For sure Fnatic will have to give their all to finish in second place.

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Group D is also very interesting. MAD Lions seeded # 1 in the LEC should be the favorite, but how do you put Gen G behind? It’s impossible. The Koreans, seeded number 2 in the LCK are clearly the favorites even if the seeds say the opposite. Beware of Team Liquid, which has not shone but can always have its say. The impression is that MAD Lons and Team Liquid will fight for second place.

But also pay attention to the Play-ins. Because 4 teams will come out from here and join the groups. There are many very interesting teams like Hanwha Life Esports, in group A of the Play-ins, but also LNG eSPorts, which on paper should be the 2 favorites to overcome the Play-Ins in group A.

In group B on the Cloud9 card it should be the favorite, but pay attention to Unicorns of Love, they too are to be considered a team capable of giving surprises. The other teams will obviously try to surprise the most popular opponents but on paper, this does not seem possible. However, Cloud9 is not shining and this could be a problem. It should be added that if Cloud9 qualified he could only go to group A, not to face other North American teams and would therefore find himself in the death group, the toughest one with DWG KIA and Fun Plus Phoenix.

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Surely those who pass the Play-In will find themselves in a very complicated group. Where to take home a victory will be very difficult to achieve.


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