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What is the Global Esports Tour?

Global Esports Tour

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has become a strategic partner of British esports platform FACEIT. GEF also announced the city names to host a Global Esports Tour in preparation for the 2021 Global Esports Games in Singapore at the end of the year.


The next Global Esports Tour kicks off this month, and the Global Esports Federation has stated plans for this world tour. Global Esports Federation and FACEIT have become strategic partners.

PUBG Mobile, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Hearthstone are the games that will play at every GET. The Tournaments will be held in Dubai (UAE), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), and Los Angeles (USA). The total prize pool for this whole event will be $ 500,000. The total prize will divide into three events.


The tournament kicks off in the last week of this month, on September 27. In addition to the prize money, the GEF will spend an additional $ 500,000 on global social impact initiatives.

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About the association

FACEIT will partner with Global Esports Federation to create exciting world-class features and esports tournaments such as the Global Esports Tour. As new tournaments are declared, the collaboration will benefit the esports community and the esports users as a whole; while opening up new possibilities.

Speaking of the partnership, Chester King, Vice-Chair and Vice President of GEF Technology said that Global Esports Federation is happy to partner with the FACEIT team of experts to continue developing Global Esports Federation strategies for esports worldwide.

He also said that they would like to host the GET in major cities worldwide.

Global esports industry to cross $1.5 billion revenue mark by 2020

FACEIT partnered with the association to host each of the three stages of the Global Esports Tour, which starts on 27th Sep and ends in 2 months. In addition to the prize pool, the Global Esports Federation will spend an additional $ 500,000 (approximately £ 360,880) on its global social performance initiatives, which, according to press reports, will consist of a series of social initiatives serving the Global esports community.

According to Michel Attisani, the chief executive officer of FACEIT, It is a great honor for him to become a partner of the Global Esports Federation and to help organize the first-ever tournament. FACEIT aims to create a more competitive playing environment with more possibilities for users and the esports community. He believes the composition of the Global event is making the GET another move in the right way.

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Global Esports Tour Details

The Global Esports Tour is a professional Global Esports Federation event with a series of competitions held throughout the year in major cities around the globe. Each stage of the event presenting a novel esports title.

The Global Esports Tour announced the following steps at Global Esports Tour 2021:

  • Game: Hearthstone, Date: 27-28. September 2021, Location: Los Angeles (USA).
  • Game: PUBG Mobile, Date: 21-23 Oct 2021, Location: Riyadh (Saudi Arabia);
  • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Date: 26-27 November 2021, Location: Dubai (UAE)

The Global Esports Federation has announced a total prize pool of US $ 500,000 for each event. In addition to the cash prize, the GEF will spend an additional $ 500,000 on global social impact initiatives, collaborations, and different development initiatives that will help the esports community around the globe.

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