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VALORANT new Agent: Deadeye

VALORANT next Agent: Deadeye

Riot Games are passionate about keeping their fans curious. It’s a tradition for Riot to provide hidden clues before they release a new Agent in Valorant. This tradition started with the release of Killjoy, which was previously mentioned in a player card, or mysterious traces in Icebox before Yoru’s release and glowing orbs in several maps before Astra’s release.

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This time, Riot has again provided hidden clues about their Valorent next Agent. This clue was discovered by keen fans; because if you don’t pay attention, it will easily be missed. This clue is in the ‘One Year Anthem’ video. It was just released by Riot on 21st June 2021 yesterday.

Teaser found in the first year of Anthem. 

The video was made to celebrate one year of Valorant. In the video, there are moments from players and streamers worldwide. And how they enjoy Valorant from their respective perspectives combined with cool animations. In the video, there is a quick brief appearance that shows a man with a unique feature in his right eye.

The Valorleaks Twitter account says that the man, who is supposed to be the Valorant next Agent, has the code name “Deadeye.” Riot Games itself has previously said that they plan to release six new Agents every year. This year we were introduced to Astra and KAY/O. So the possibility of this Valorant Agent, you can only see in the next act.

Valorant Agent Guide KAY/O

You can find this Valorant Agent with the code name “Deadeye” in the video at 3:22 minutes, for only 1 second. From the screenshots shared, it appears that the man is holding a rifle that is likely a sniper. Another unique feature that seems is that this man has tattoos on both of his arms.

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Riot Games has not said anything about this, but we can look forward to it at the beginning of Valorant Episode 3, Act 2. Codenamed “Deadeye,” there is a possibility that this Valorant Agent will later act as a Duelist. 

New agent Deadeye 

The arrival of Valorant Episode 3 Act 2: Reflection last 8th September. The arrival of a new phase in Valorant’s story promises to bring a diverse amount of new content. It also looks like a new Valorant Agent is on the way, named Deadeye. Although Riot Games has not revealed much about this new Valorant Agent, several details have already been revealed through teasers and leaks.

Valorant new agent Deadeye release date, abilities and more | The Loadout

Earlier, more was announced about the upcoming new content for Valorant. It includes the new Valorant map Fracture, which will go live with the release of Episode 3 Act 2. There will also be a new Battle Pass for Reflection. It will allow you to unlock not only new skins and key chains for weapons. But also new player cards and collect sprays.

Valorant Deadeye design

Much is still unknown about Deadeye: developer Riot Games hasn’t even confirmed the name of the potential new Valorant Agent yet. Riot did post several small teasers in the Year One Anthem video from last June, which may refer to Deadeye. At around 3:22 a.m., for example, a stylized silhouette of a hitherto unknown male figure with glasses, some tattoos, and a waistcoat plus Smart trousers can be seen. As an observant viewer, you can also find concept art for this figure on some walls.

While Riot Games hasn’t announced a name for the next Valorant Agent yet, many leakers agree that “Deadeye” will indeed be the name of the upcoming ValorantAgent. 

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Valorant Deadeye Abilities

While not much is known about Deadeye’s abilities yet, the bullet at the beginning of the Fracture trailer is associated with the new Valorant Agent.


The bullet could be related to Deadeye’s Ultimate ability: it could be a bullet that does a lot of damage or maybe even takes out an opponent in one go.

What kind of role Deadeye takes in Valorant is still mainly fodder for speculation. Riot has recently released Duelist and Initiator Agents, so maybe Deadeye will be more of a Controller or Sentinel.

VALORANT Agent Deadeye comes shortly after the new Battle Pass

When is the next agent coming to VALORANT? Allegedly the arrival of the new fighter is imminent in September.

Rumor has it that the 17th VALORANT agent “Deadeye” is about to be released. 

According to media reports, the new fighter is set to take place shortly after the release of Episode 3: Act II. It goes live on 8th September.

Agent Deadeye was first spotted in June for VALORANT’s first anniversary. Riot Games released the “Year One” anthem as part of the celebration. Since then, small snippets have followed with hints like in the current preview of the new Battle Pass.

Apart from the code name “Deadeye,” nothing is known about the upcoming newcomer to the VALORANT universe. The name “Deadly Eye” at least indicates that the agent can target opponents precisely. Everything else is pure speculation. After the release of Episode 3: Act II on 8th September, Deadeye could appear as part of the next patch on 22nd September.

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Defenders in the middle of the H

Another change to the map is the layout. This one is in the shape of a huge letter H, with the bomb sites on either side of the H, and the bar connecting the vertical stripes of the H is where the nuclear reactor is located. It is also where the defenders spawn, while the attackers spawn on either side of the defenders. It means that the attackers now perform a pincer maneuver, as it were, and attack the defenders from two sides at once.

That’s a huge change from the normal ratio, where defenders can be passive and wait for the attackers to come to a bomb site. Now they have to play proactively, which will bring about a completely different dynamic. It is not yet known whether this can also be used for competitive purposes. There have already been several playtests on the map. But no professional players have given any verdict on the new map. So it could go either way. In any case, it’s a heavy change from how most maps are made in shooters. That could mean that Riot has come up with a unique approach or, and there is a roughly proportional chance, that the company will make a huge misstep.

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