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Valorant (finally) arrives in China

Valorant (finally) arrives in China

Riot Games has announced that Valorant has finally been released in China. From this weekend it will be possible to play the Riot Games FPS also in China. Riot Games new game finally enters the world’s largest eSports market.

How come so late?

Why did it take so long to see Valorant land in China? The reason is that it is not easy to get the approval of the Chinese government, which is increasingly restricting the world of eSports and online games in general in their own country. Tencent, Riot Games Chinese partner took months to get the game approved in the Chinese market, and it finally succeeded.

Curious that this comes at a time when the Chinese government is increasingly limiting the possibility of playing online. At the moment, in fact, under 18s can play video games only 3 hours a week, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 8pm to 9pm.

The importance of the Chinese market

China is the # 1 market for esports. If you want to become the largest eSports in the world, you cannot fail to be present in the Chinese market. Here is the largest number of players, here is the largest number of fans. As we said here, for Riot Games, importing Valorant to China was essential. Because it is impossible to be successful without the Chinese market.

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After the incredible marketing campaign of the launch, Valorant had lost traction mainly due to the failure to enter the Chinese market. Many feared that Valorant might just be a fad and the percolation was that after the initial boom the number of players dropped. With the entry into China, this is bound to change. Valorante can aim to become number 1 in the world.

China, a rich and complicated market

China is the number 1 market for esports but also the most complicated. Not only for the many laws that limit publishers but also for the huge number of games on the market. In Asia and China in particular there are very popular games that dominate the market that nobody in the United States plays.

Valorant is a great game but it won’t be easy to become number 1 in China. Crossfire is a virtually unknown game but it is the most played FPS in China. PUGB is also very popular in China, will Valorant be able to overcome it? Hard to say. It will also be important to see how the pro scene evolves. Even before the game was official in China there were teams that had already made up their official Valorant team. Like? Playing on international servers. Now obviously Valorant will be accessible to all Chinese teams.

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Will China become the strongest nation in Valorant as it currently is for the other Riot Games League of Legends game? This will be a key point. Attracting Chinese fans will be the basis for the success of Riot Games’ new FPS.

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