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Ultimate Vex guide: Best League of Legends build, runes, tips & tricks

Ultimate Vex guide

The League of Legends community welcomed the arrival of Vex, the new burst champion. Back in 2020 Riot announced that they are working on an artillery mage. But Vex is completely different as she torcher’s enemies with her anti-dive capabilities.

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She is an excellent burst champion and is capable of wreaking havoc on the map. In this article, we will give you the best tricks, tips, runes, and builds for Vex so you don’t waste any time mastering this champion.

Who is Vex?

Vex doesn’t have anything in common with those always smiling and excited champions. Instead, she has embraced Black Mist with open arms and is on a mission to whip out all joy and happiness in the world. In the game, she accomplishes her goal by destroying her opponents. 

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Vex abilities & gameplay

Vex’s skill set is part controlling mage, part bursting mage, and has absolutely nothing to do with artillery. This goes against many leaks and Riot’s goals, yet it seems like this new approach has brought an end to the biggest weakness of the champions at the moment, diving.

As mentioned earlier Vex is an anti-dive champion. This characteristic is because of her passive ability that can stop dives and instill fear in the hearts of flashy enemies. Aside from her passive, her W generates a shield which makes it quite difficult to dive on Vex.

You can easily clear minions by using her Q. It might be hard to hit the ability from a long-range without any crowd control, but with enough practice, you can deal tons of damage from afar range. And if you manage to produce a combo of E in Q then you can kill off enemies from incredible long range and will have nothing to worry about getting countered.

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Vex: cosa sappiamo del prossimo campione di LoL? - Powned.it

It is quite clear that it is quite difficult to dive on Vex, but what about diving enemies? You will be happy to know that it can be done with her ultimate ability. As she can dive into the back lines easily and if you play her right, she can quickly one-shot enemies. But its backdrop is that, when you use her ultimate, the chances of escape are low. So make sure that you coordinate well with your team and wreak havoc on the map.

Passive: Doom ‘n Gloom

Doom: For a limited time Vex brings Doom upon her enemies, as her next basic ability is to fear enemies who jumped on her.

Gloom: This allows Vex to automatically mark her enemies with Gloom who either blick or dash. The Gloom gets detonated on the next basic attack on the targeted enemy. It deals bonus damage and reduces the cooldown time of Doom.

Q: Mistral Bolt ⁠— A wave is generated by Vex, which deals magical damage on the enemies. The ability is cast after a short delay and has a small width. However, this ability will also detonate Gloom on the marked enemies.

W: Personal Space ⁠— Vex generates a shield around herself and emits a shockwave which deals magic damage to all the enemies near her. This ability also detonates Gloom on any closely marked enemies.

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E: Looming Darkness ⁠— A shadow is cast on a targeted location, which increases in size as its range moves. On reaching the enemy it slows, marks enemies with Gloom, and deals magic damage. 

R: Shadow Surge ⁠— Initially Shadow bursts forward, marks the enemy and deals damage to the first enemy that comes in its way. Then the champion can recast this ability and have Shadow pull her to the target, dealing plenty of damage. If the target dies from their ability then Vex can recast her ultimate ability in a few seconds.

The best build for Vex

At the time of this writing, there are two builds that you can use to overwhelm your enemies. Depending on the enemies, you can either go for Luden’s Tempest or Liandry’s Anguish. Since the former is best against squishies, while the latter is against tanks. You can also opt for Everfrost since it can help you with crowd control and make sure that the enemies are unable to escape your abilities.   

Whichever item you pick from above, one thing to keep in mind is that Vex heavily relies on Ability Haste and Mana since they complement her bursting potential

Seraph’s Embrace is best when it comes to mana problems of the champion. And also aids a little in Ability Haste. You can also get Cosmic’s.  Banshee’s and Zhonya’s Drive to add points to Ability Haste.

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After that, the damage comes into play. And one of the options you have is the Horizon Focus since it works incredibly well when it comes to dealing high damage at range. You can also go for Void Staff and Rabadon’s Deathcap. But make sure to keep check of the cooldowns and your mana pool before diving onto enemies.

Best runes for Vex

The majority of the mana and haste issues of Vex can be solved by using the right set of runes. You can either opt for Transcendence or Mana flow Band as your secondary or primary runes in the Source Tree.

Ultimate Vex guide: Best League of Legends build, runes, tips & tricks -  Dexerto

Yet, there is a bit of a debate when it comes to picking the best keystones on Vex. Since you can either go from Conqueror to get the upper hand in long-range engagement. But since she is a burst mage then Phase Rush is the go-to option.

When Sorcery keystone, combined with Ravenous Hunter, Taste of Blood, and Scorch, it can be a recipe for disaster since VEx will have plenty of sustain when she dives into the backlines. As she can quickly get out with the bonus movement speed. The setup also allows Vex to trade well in the lane by using the three-hit E-Q combo.

Overall Vex is an incredible champion and if you like to play flashy champions or hat playing against them then she is a wise option for you.


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