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The first international Wild Rift tournament: Horizon Cup

Wild Rift tournament: Horizon Cup

Riot has finally announced the first international Wild Rift tournament. Horizon Cup will be the first global mobile game tournament launched by Riot Games. Wild Rift which is the mobile version of the hugely successful League of Legends thus launches its first official tournament.

Everything we know about Wild Rift

Riot Games had long ago stated that it wanted to repeat the success of League of Legends by launching the first series of Wild Rift eSports tournaments without providing further details. But now there is the official announcement. The first international tournament will be called Wild Rift: Horizon Cup. The tournament will take place on November 13th with the finals that will be played on November 21st. The tournament will take place in Singapore, at the Suntec Singapore Convention.

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Regional qualifiers for this tournament have already begun. “The Wild Rift Horizon Cup is the first of many steps we will take to show how committed we are to our mobile fans around the world. We are thrilled to share more of what we have prepared for the future of the sport later in this. year, “said Leo Faria, the head of Wild Rift esports.

Riot Games wants to grow further and focuses strongly on Mobile games, after all, market surveys confirm that at the eSports level, mobile games are growing fast, especially in the Asian continent. For this reason Riot launched Wild Rift hoping to be able to ride this wave.

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Mobile eSports will continue to grow

“In most Asian countries, mobile esports are popular and are among the most successful esports properties, but we are going further. We aspire to make Wild Rift the first truly global mobile esports, breaking into all corners of the globe.”

At the moment no further information has been provided. We don’t know what the prize pool will be or how this tournament will be followed. Will it be on Youtube or Twitch? We don’t even know what format this tournament will have. But this information will be released shortly.

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